Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Self Improvement at Home

"Build one another up."


Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, thank you again for another video so full of wonderful insight! It is so important to know the reality of communism. Our universities now days are a tragic place teaching horrible things. If I could go back I would have never gone. I love your choices for readings. I really loved the one the other day about the woman who was worked hard as a child because her mother was a feminist. I also appreciate your depth of understanding on manipulative people and pointing out what scripture says about them. It is a truly isolating thing to be subjected to abusive people and not feel supported until you realize God’s Word is not okay with that and tells us very plainly about it. I didn’t learn these lessons until later in life and actually read the Bible. But I am so thankful for God’s Word and comfort and telling us to be kind and gentle regardless of how ugly other people can be. He fights for us! We are the salt of the earth and we are the light. Regardless of how communistic or unfeeling people are we are like a bright spot in the darkness with tender care toward others. Love what you share you are a bright sunshine in the world today. I just love love love your videos. Jesus bless you

Lydia said...

They know us by our light --our words and our conduct. It is hard to be gentle with hard core political types because they manipulate people to resist or react and then call you out of control, reactionary, conspiracy theorist. I heard someone call someone a conspiracy theorist just because she was allergic to something they wanted her to eat. And I've heard the "reactionary" thing when someone didn't like swearing.Its hard to come out looking peaceful when they push you into even crying or silencing. They always say you are "extreme"

Lydia said...

Blogger: all for Jesus said...
I enjoyed your talk today while I did dishes. My children listened in while you read to us about communism. Very informative!
Shopping is a strange experience. I've decided to order online and then pick up. Doing it this way has alleviated so much stress for me, I wish I would have started years ago. Thank you for these talks! When you read the Declaration, I will definitely gather whatever children and grandchildren are around!
Blessings and Joy!