Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Staying Home For Real Comfort

Today I talk about the resources within you and read from the book by Booker T. Washington, American Educator, (1856-1915).

The verse I read today relates to all that I said in the video, and it means what I have thought for a long time: do not wait for the world to be just right before you live your life, improve yourself or your home:

"He who observes the wind will not sow,
and he who regards the clouds
will not reap."
Ecclesastes 11:4

The books I read from today tell of people who attempted to do things, and after failing several times, succeeded.  I'm sure we can all use this inspiration in home life.

I hope, no matter what your age,  you are enjoying learning at home and being "homeschooled" with these videos.

Here is the guest room I was in while I talked today:

Here also are some calming sounds:

You might also check out the other videos with seasonal sounds or locations like lakes, ocean, forest,
and more.

A few of my readers enjoy peeking into lovely homes, and the Princess Home videos are very soothing:


Anonymous said...

I am very much enjoying these homeschooling videos! I can assure you they are inspiring and I am learning. It makes me realize I already have so much here at home to teach ( and learn) for years!

Thank you and God bless💐

Shani said...

Hello Lady Lydia and fellow Readers,

I enjoy listening to your Homemaker's Radio whilst I work very much; thank you! I do miss your long posts and photographs, however, and was so pleased to see your guest room displayed in this post. It looks lovely, summery, and so inviting! We are in the midst of our longest move ever (very frustrating!) and I desire nothing more than to be securing our nest and making it even more of a sanctuary, but most of our things are in storage and there is nothing much I can accomplish physically right now. We do, however, avoid running newscasts, avoid having talk radio on, and focus instead on family prayer time every evening, good meals, fun games, and plans for our future home (wherever we land).

I cannot and will not mask, so our trips out are becoming fewer and we are rethinking everything about where we shop as other people's fears overwhelm them and they take it out on us. I do believe we're going to begin shopping at the Amish shops which is about an hour and a half one-way from here, as they're not prone to the hysteria that has really increased the last couple of weeks due to the fear-mongering increase in the media.

It is lovely to stop by here regularly and immerse myself in the calm and steadiness of common sense. Thank you. x

~Shani (@ Happiest at Home)

Lydia said...

I go in to town sometimes just to feel the mood of everyone. I am just starting to order things to come to my door but some stores make you go to their parking areas and pick it up. I never believed one thing the news media has broadcast and so I'm not as hyped up or anxious as many people are.

Laura Jeanne said...

Wonderful video! I really enjoyed all that you read to us today. It feels like such a treat to be read to, when as a homeschooling mother I read to others all the time. I especially found the mention of George Washington Carver interesting, as my 12 year old son just finished reading a book on him, which was very good. It was called George Washington Carver: Man's Slave, God's Scientist. Mr. Carver also suffered many crushing setbacks in his life, especially in trying to get an education, but he kept trying again until he succeeded.

Lydia said...

Many men of that era were named after George Washington. In later decades, Andrew Jackson became the most admired president. Many people and cities today are named after Jackson.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Your talk and homeschooling lessons kept my mind and hands engaged as I went about my daily chores today. The lovely guest room looks dreamy... like something out of a Better Homes and Garden magazine. It is truly refreshing to come here regularly and have my homemaker battery recharged. I appreciate the link to the princess home tour, but I actually think your home gives me better and more affordable ways to make things look lovely. Thank you, Lydia.🙂

Blessings, Holly

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