Sunday, July 12, 2020

Home At Last

These have been days of blessings for some people who have been wanting to "come home" and have a life within their own realm. For others, it has been an adjustment that has brought them some contentment. 

At home there is no particular hurry for anything.
There is no deadline or forced scheduling.
Eventually you find your own way of doing things and the way your home functions best.
You figure out how to make a good atmosphere for your family.

I remember Squire Hamley saying, "She's broken me in to her fine London ways, and I'm all the better for it."

We feel the same way about being home. We adjust to a way of life at home, and we are all the better for it.

We rely on Christ for our contentment, and it is He who brings us through any changes, and makes us all the better for it.

For those of you who are interested, the X22 Report tonight has a good talk about masks.

Peggy Hill on The Healthy American has a good discussion also. She read the same scripture I read in yesterday's video.

Note:  God designed us to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

 He breathed the breath of life into man when he was created.

 He gives us the breath of life.

 A mask suffocates the breath of life by impeding the oxygen to your lungs and body and brain, and making the breath you breathe out, which is a waste product, get breathed back into your body.

People are getting very sick (colds, flu, more). It is against human nature and a crime against human life.

  Breathing carbon dioxide back into your body has a similar effect as being locked in a car with the motor going--carbon monoxide poisoning.

You can't be arrested for not wearing a mask, because no law has been passed and it doesn't violate any legal law, and so not wearing one is not against the law. The jails are closed and the sheriff has to stand 6 feet apart from people, so I doubt you'll be arrested. Some who say they were, have been given a quick release when no charges could be made, due to no law actually passed.

Laws must be passed by the legislature and the legislature must first debate them and vote on them. The governors do not pass laws. Any rules they give have a limited time effect.

Every state dot gov has a health department page which contains an exemption clause that the news media never reads to you.  Most people think there is a law that you must do this or that, but a rule is not a law and it has a limit in time.

Today the governor in my state issued some kind of rule (not a law) that we could only have 11 people in a home.  How did she arrive at 11? Why not 10? 8?  This is curious. Is she a scientist, a doctor or a researcher of the effectiveness of 11?

There are more of us than there are of the governors and people are already overwhelming these oppressive rules. These seem light right now but as people capitulate to them, they will impose more and more restrictions.  Soon it will be sirens with lights out at 8 pm and sirens to wake us up and send us outside for excercise drills.  You don't have to be a prophet to think of what they might do next.  But when all is said and done, it is the women in the home, going about their lives, that will create freedom,  not the politicians. which is the reason we never wait for "things to change" in politics. We just live our lives the way we need to.


Lady Virtue said...

Great post, and very true.

Anne Payne said...

I love this thought -- "We adjust to a way of life at home, and we are all the better for it."

Homemaker's Heart said...

I loved that movie! We adjust. To me, that is where my faith comes in. I like routine, and rhythm and with many things that have been changed, I look for ways my routine or rhythm can still happen. That is in my home. I love that I can putter through my day, somedays - like today, I zip through my chores because I want to get some sewing done. But usually I love to be home, and going about things in a peaceful way.

Thanks for sharing Lydia.

Peace be with you,

joanie said...

I am really upset because Kroger's, Walmart, and other stores have decided that as July 22nd all shoppers must be masked. No choice. I left a comment at Kroger's website. Polite, but to the point. It probably won't do anything. However, I am waiting for more people to get aggravated enough to challenge this somehow - in a non-violent way.

Lydia said...

I am not waiting. It just takes one person. I march businesslike past the guards at the door, do my shopping, go to self check, speak to no one and leave, not making eye contact with anyone. No one is forcing a mask on anyone. Its all voluntary. No one is putting the mask on anyone, forcibly, so far. And I won't be wearing one because it is still a choice whether to put one on or not. But I will throw up if there is anything like that on my face, plus I cannot breath. Your state will have an exception clause at the state health dept website. Print it and highlight with a marker the part that exempts people. Flash it at the door and say "exemption" . Also listen to Peggy Hall at The Healthy American. She tells how to shop without a mask.

Lydia said...

Joanie, it makes me curious if Kroger, Walmart, Target etc are in a deal with the state, that they will be given a great deal of money to stay in business if they enforce these rules. Why are the little stores not even allowed to open? There would be less people there and fewer people to order around.

Lydia said...

When you isolate sick people its called quarantine.
When you isolate healthy people its called tyranny.

all for Jesus said...

Thank you, Lydia! I am encouraged by your thoughts and stand for freedom. I can get so upset when I go out shopping, I just don't get why anyone is following these invasive, degrading "rules". I live in CO and just today the gov. made one of his decrees mandating masks, and ordering places of business NOT to sell or allow admittance to anyone without a mask. I do have asthma and it is impossible for me to wear a mask, but it is still stressful doing the shopping. I am going to do as you suggested and print out his royal decree that mentions "medically intolerable" exemption.
I do thank you for your encouragement to keep the home and your sweet talks about housekeeping. It has helped me stay focused on the Lord, and His plan.


joanie said...

Dear Lydia,

Over the last few weeks more and more people are masking and some are giving me dirty looks. For the most part, I ignore people, and like you, I get my business done, self check, and leave. It is hard not to feel like the odd man out, but oh well. My son has seizures and a disorder that makes his blood pressure drop and he faints - masks will increase the chance he will hyperventilate. But they are saying (Kroger) that if one can't wear a mask for medical reasons or a plastic shield, they can use the shopping service the store offers. I cannot do that because it is very unpredictable when you can actually get your food. So, it is cover your face or stay out. I left another message at Kroger saying they are inviting violence as I have read that people are fighting in stores over masks. I guess I will wear one, but being me, a bit headstrong, I will let it fall off my nose and hang around my neck. Thanks for telling me about The Healthy American, I will check it out!

Lydia said...

That’s a good idea. I was in the post office mailing a package and the lady who served me was not wearing a mask. It’s the middle of a very hot summer. It doesn’t makes sense to put cloth or paper on our natural breathing apparatus . Even cotton cloth has chemicals in it. There is going to be a great mask-off soon. The carbon dioxide we breathe out was created by God to go out into the air, not go into a mask

Lydia said...

I know other people who wear the mask around their neck

Lydia said...

The governor of Oregon ordered wearing masks outside in the fresh air

Lydia said...

Peggy video about her husband in Walmart was interesting. He was buying a garden hose and they wouldn’t let him but it so he called the sheriff and the person who answered said “We are not sending anymore officers out to break up a mask conflict “

MonicasDaughter said...

I can't help but wonder if they went ahead with the mandates because so many people are terrified of this virus and they want to give people something to "do" and a way to signal their virtue to others (and maybe it's way for the government to count people who obey and they ones who don't).

That said, maybe it's also a data collecting exercise. In a few months they will be able to say that they have facts to show the detrimental health effects of wearing a mask all day every day. Who knows?

Anyway, the state government apparently does have the authority to mandate mask wearing in the event of a major health emergency.

See here:

Also, businesses do have the right to require certain things from customers (shoes, shirt and now apparently masks)

I haven't worn a mask once. I order my food and household items from Raley's and Walmart and go pick them up. So for now that is working. I have to drive an hour round trip to and from our home because our tiny rural town has mandatory masks in the local stores and businesses. I hope that I can continue to do this as long as these repressive rules are in place.

Gigi said...

Yesterday, my husband was "kicked out" of a grocery store in Ontario, Canada for not wearing a mask. We will only go into stores that will not make it an issue (ie, let us show without a face covering).
We are surprised at how many Christians do not see this is a piece to a bigger picture.

Dianne said...

It's so encouraging to hear so many question these "mandates".

Lydia said...

Our governor is neither a doctor nor a research scientist, and has not received any recommendation from those professionals, yet she now says you have to wear masks at home and outside while riding bikes, etc. The restrictions will be removed the day of the election in November.