Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Shopping Trip, Lunch and Sewing

Since my time so running out I have been taking up every offer I get to go somewhere. This morning a relative took me to a few stores.
This display was inside od a metal gazebo.
The white chandeliers were very attractive,
as well as the rest of the furniture
This is a candle holder that I thought would look lovely with led lights.
The colors look well together.

While buying my sandwich for lunch I had a chance to look at. Couple of the pastries made here. Click the picture to read the names.

A toasted chicken/avocado sandwich is what I had for lunch, with a pot of tea, while my rellies ordered the same thing but a different drink.

One of the fabrics at the fabric store.

Cotton cardigans i bought when i first came here.
A stainless steel teapot that was as light as a feather will end up in my suitcase. I have already used it and it does not dribble, plus it will not get chipped. The tea stays hot and also tastes good.
I bought some small cuts of lawn fabric and one larger piece for a dress. I sure hope i can get someone to take me to get some more. Maybe I can also get my d.h. to add more money on my travel card. The travel card is a nice thing because it automatically makes the foreign exchange for you when you use it, so you do not need travel checks or bother with exchanging money at a bank.
I could only find one package of these paper napkins.
Tonight i have sewn cotton flannel skirts for my mother. She particularly likes these prints to wear with black shivers, and they are easy to make, without a pattern.

After I got back home i cleaned another shelf and found a treasure. It is a pincushion made by my mother's mother.
I went somewhere with Betty and she wanted to leave early in case we got lost. The route she took got us there much earlier than she expected, and she was so astonished, she gasped and said "I got here before I left!"

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