Saturday, May 18, 2013

Double Cream

Since the 19th of April I have been in Victoria, Australia taking care of my Mother, who lives in a seniors caravan park. Today I found this lovely fushia growing wild near the fresh water tank and put it in a little milk bottle, and while I was sorting through some mementos and pictures I found an old painting that I made when I was a teenager:

Later today I made a few cloth strawberries just for creative enjoyment. These are a deep pink color, and the ones in the photograph below, on the shelf, are red.

I have put a little bit of scent on them.

It was quite a treat when someone offered to take me shopping again, because I am very dependent on others for transportation. I found this candle holder at the two-dollar store and it looks great with one of those flickering led-lights, which are also available here at the discount stores.
I am campaigning for double cream in the U.S. by using the words Double Cream in the title of this post. This is an opportunity of a lifetime; a market never charted in the U.S. I would probably buy enough double-cream at my local supermarket to make it worthwhile to produce in my area of the country.

Truly I had hoped to show some scenery but have not been given a tour yet. I like the towns being so numerous here and the shopping is so convenient from any direction.


Lesson for Ladies

I would like to take a moment to write about the importance of the aged women and remind them of the seriousness of the message that God provided in Titus 2. This was not written to those outside of Christ, but to believers.

To be sober-minded and to avoid speculating-type gossip about other people is something that would be easier to manage in old-age if it were first practiced in youth. So, if you are young, be careful to train your thinking so that your mind does not go to negative, sour, suspicious and impure thoughts. Whatever your character is now, will be more pronounced in you as you age.

Disagreeable conversation is also developed in youth and can make a woman unpleasant.

In the fictional story of Anne of Avonlea, there was a young woman whose personality was so disagreeable that Anne said to her, "You are all prickles and thorns and that is why no one wants to be near you." Young women need to guard their character so that the thorny,prickly and contrary remarks do not become a habit.

Developing good character is like working with clay. I once held a lump of it in my hand and worked it while teaching my children during the homeschool days (those were the glory days). While I was working the clay, it remained soft and pliable, but once I set it down for awhile, it started to harden.

So watch your personality and practice what you want to be like as an old lady. If you are all bitter and thorny now, those qualities will become hardened in your personality later as an older person and will affect the way you are treated. We all want to be treated gently and respectfully when we are older, so let us grow in graciousness while we are younger. Avoid hasty, sharp replies and condemning, critical talk when conversing. An easy way to learn this is to always keep in mind that if you are a Christian (a Christ-One) you are a soul-winner. Jesus said that if he would be lifted up from the earth, he would draw all men unto him. Think about drawing people to you by your gentleness. Think of how those souls may drawn to the gospel message. Apply God's character instructions prayerfully to your personality now while you are pliable and can be worked, so that in your old age they will harden into beautiful silver and gold.



Anonymous said...

Lydia, I really like what you wrote about character here. May I add that even if you have been "prickly," it's NEVER too late to change and it will make you happier! It also seems to take quite a bit less energy to be content that bitter, a definite advantage for those of us in the middle years...

Double cream-is it the same as clotted cream? I am curious about both. It looks a bit like extra thick sour cream. Is the taste similar?

I think the strawberries you stitched would be adorable on a wreath? Hmmm...

Kindest regards.


Anonymous said...

So true! Your advice is spot on. When I think of the older women I admire, there are none who have sharp tongues, critical outlooks, or bitter hearts. Instead, the women I wish most to be like when I'm their age are those who've dealt with life, and all its ups & downs, with a special kind of humor & grace. I might be able, quite honestly too, to appreciate the talents & other capabilities of a sharp, bitter woman; but, for me, it never rises to the level of admiration of that person.

Thank you for your wise words! So happy you're enjoying your Australian trip. :o)


Susan said...

The strawberries are so adorable! Is there a simple pattern to follow? I tried making one once and it didn't turn out looking like a strawberry. Your advice to ladies is important for everyone today. Gossip is a horrible thing and can ruin other peoples lives. I am working on my own moral character right now and am having many hard lessons along the way. Your posts help me think about how important it is as an older woman to set examples for others in the way I speak, dress, and interact with my loved ones. Regarding the cream, you might want to contact some raw milk producers here in Pennsylvania, US. They might be able to produce your cream.

Lynn M. said...

Dear Lydia,

Such a gracious manner in which you instructed us to have a gentle spirit at all times....that was a great encouragement to me to be 'on guard' for unpleasantries.

Yvette said...

Thank you for the "Lessons for Ladies!" I really enjoyed it as a mother who wants to impart that to my daughter and as a woman who wants to make sure I'm where I need to be before the Lord. That was such a good analogy.
Your mother must really be enjoying having you there & all the cozy improvements you're doing for her. :)
God bless.

Mrs. V. said...

I am also enjoying the lessons you sharing. Thank you for posting them. :0)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder about gentleness of character.

These days it is sometimes difficult to remember that simplicity, kindness, & gentleness are virtues.

So many people in my life encourage me to be more "assertive," to be a "go-getter," to be "powerful," to "show more strength," and most recently to "wear the pants, both literally and figuratively."

Interestingly, these remarks come from highly "successful," highly intelligent older women. I wonder what they would be like now if they had been encouraged to develop a sweetness, femininity and gentleness of character when they were young. They are from the generation of "women's liberation."

It is so refreshing to come here and have someone say, "Yes, gentleness is a virtue." Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lydia said...

Yes. The term "lady" is appropriate for a Christian woman if she is wanting to have the virtues described in that wonderful book, the word of God. Just by striving to obey it she will become courteous, not quick to answer back and not harsh or pushy with other adults.

Lydia said...

If a Christian woman will keep always in her mind that she wants to convince others to follow her way of life she will be careful about appearing to be too snappish, or always looking for something wrong with things. Naturally we are on the alert for that but we must present ourselves as the beautiful flowers that grow as a result of all the rain, and that means not being sharp, bossy or critical to other adults around us. You can actually get a lot further if you need something done, if you are slow to anger.

Lynn M. said...

looking tonight again at your post, I wanted to know of the led lights give off enough a real candle. I did buy some about a year ago and they were very very dim...have they been improved?
Also,it is a treat to see your early art work.

Lynn M. said...

One of the reasons I was glad I got rid of tv service is that I became unhappy watching the 'assertive' and 'powerful' female news reporters, etc. I sensed I was being influenced to be that way too and woke up from that bad influence. Praise be to God that I finally was freed from that hold over my mind. I also praise God for his giving us the gracious Lady Lydia to also be a lovely example of graciousness.

Christine said...

You are amazing!
Taking care of your mother and doing all those special things for her. You are showing bits of love to her and to everyone you touch.

I appreciate it when you reach out to "us" aged women.

Lydia said...

Dee in NY--it is heavy cream and can be used directly from the carton on the scone or whatever. Devon cream is different as it is heated and skimmed off the top of milk.

it is heavier than heavy cream in America and spreads like butter but has more volume

Of course everyone is telling me via email how bad double cream is for my arteries but I think the stress of thinking about it is worse than eating the cream. ;-) Besides at my age and as active as I am right now I am going to eat everything I like

Carlotta said...

Beautiful post. I am so sorry for your loss. My Father passed when I was very young and I miss him still everyday. How wonderful that he was a good Father and that you enjoyed him for so long.
God Bless, Carlotta