Friday, May 24, 2013

Tea in Tyabb

Today I had a wonderful break from caravan-keeping and care-giving, with my 79 year old friend, Betty. She provided transportation in her little red car, and I bought afternoon tea. Betty is the lady who has taken me to church each Lord's Day since I have been here.
Can you detect what kind of a building we are sitting in? I was not able to get a clear photo of the outside, so I will definitely have to come back and see it again tomorrow.
We picked cabin 5 to sit in because it had a direct view of some lovely flowers growing outside.


Betty is such a pleasant lady and I have grown quite dependent upon her for transporting me to places I need to go. I always compensate her for her efforts by taking her to tea or lunch.

The lady who served us offered to take the photo but I forgot to adjust the ipad camera inside the case, and that is why there is a black corner on the upper right side.

Here is one of the other tea rooms,

with a lovely Victorian tin ceiling, (we are in the state of Victoria, so everything here is Victorian, including the people!)

and another room in the series of about 8 rooms, in which I hope you know by now is an old train.
This is the road we travelled, and my friend said she has lived here all this time and did not know this place was here. It is a little street next to the Tyabb packing house, which one of my readers commented that I should visit. Thank you so much! It was worth going just to enjoy how thrilled my friend was to be there. She was overjoyed with the afternoon tea and very happy to be sitting in the little train cabin. She was an experienced train-traveler and she said that sitting there had taken her back in time.
Above, some of the little shops around the train tea room.


Last night I sewed together a very quick blanket for the couch in the caravan. It was a fast job that I threw together so I hope no one analyzes the stitching on the other side. I only have a few days left here and I will have to return Betty's sewing machine.

As a care-giver I have learned how important it is to do something that is pleasurable and relaxing and creative, yet personally fulfilling. It is energy-giving and mentally-emotionally renewing. Every single evening, no matter how late it is I try to make some little thing, and it does not necessarily have to be a sewing project. I brought my crayons with me and I "paint" tiny pictures. If you are a care-giver, you do not have to have talent or training or skills in order to be creative. You just have to do something that is relaxing, even if it is coloring, and do not be reluctant to use crayons if you like them, because it is an adult hobby these days, and is very good therapy for the care-weary soul, celebrating the color of God's creation.

I am very home sick for my own family and my home, with all the comforts and conversation.I have now lived with them longer than with my own parents, whom I was at home with for only a few years in comparison to the years with my husband children. Skype has been a wonderful thing, and I certainly would not have been able to endure the separation without the twice-a-day contact. I learned that Skype was invented by someone in Denmark. Well doesn't that just figure! They also invented Lego! I suppose they had to create Skype out of necessity when Mary Donaldson of Tasmania married Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, so that she could have video communication with her family in Australia.

Please be sure to email me if you think of it. I also look forward to your comments.





Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lydia... how lovely to have had such delicious tea in a train car - it looked delightful!

As a caregiver myself, I know that I have to sew, or knit, or spin or draw..after taking care of my multiple disabled daughter. It fills me with peace. And brings me closer to Our Lord as I do it.

I take this opportunity to say Thank you Lydia, for your lovely encouragement in your blog posts. They have guided me to the purpose that My Father had chosen for me, but one that I rebelled against for many years - the call to modesty. Thank you again! m.

magnoliasntea said...

I love the train tea room! Trains are so interesting to me. My husband and I occasionally go on one-day train excursions. How nice that you were able to enjoy such a pleasant afternoon before leaving to come home. What a blessing your friend Betty has been while visiting with your mother. Bless her heart!

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty in your polka dot dress. I have been going through your old posts lately and they are so inspirational! Enjoy the rest of your stay. It looks like a lovely place.

The Lady of the House said...

Hello, Lady Lydia! I have really enjoyed your posts from Australia. Everything looks peaceful and serene there. Thank you for taking the time to post and inspire us housewives.


Christine said...

I understand the homesickness.
I spent two weeks (nothing compared to your stay) with my daughter while she recovered from child birth.
I Skyped with my husband and it was so wonderful.

Enjoy your last days there. Your mother will miss you and all the love you have brought her. So will all your new friends!

TheTayloress said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
Thank you for sharing Australia with those of us who have never visited it. It is a *stunning* portion of God's Creation.

How your mother will enjoy the cheery beauty you have spread through her caravan!

And how I appreciate the teaching to choose joy and create beauty. Simply out of a thankful, trusting heart to God; even when life is full, hard, or tiring,... and one is homesick for dear ones.
This has been a blessing to me.
One of the things I do to motivate my self on "gray days" is to read one of your homemaking articles (I have them bookmarked!)
They always inspire *something* ...a thankful heart, fresh color or greenery, nourishing food, more coziness. Some practical way to SET my affection on things above, and do things here "heartily, as unto the Lord".

God bless you these last days of your visit.
May you know the closeness of His Prescence.
With love,

Anonymous said...

Hi there, it was me who suggested the Tyabb Packing House and I am so glad that you got to go there, as I knew you would just love it! Glad you have enjoyed your trip to Victoria. Safe travels home. Tania in Melbourne

Lydia said...

Tania, because of your reference betty and I found another tea room ans we will go there tomorrow after church. It is very close to the train and i think it is called chat a lot.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Sherman--I really like your polka dot dress/jacket outfit--it is very feminine and pretty and really suits you. I hope you enjoy the remainder of your stay!

Anonymous said...

A fine indicative of the way you have shown us how you believe you should live your life: in thankfulness to God, wherever you are & whatever the circumstances, & seeking to add lovliness to everything you do for people.

God's many blessings to you, Lady Lydia!


Anonymous said...

Oh that ceiling!!! So beautiful!

I have been *so* enjoying your posts...I feel like I'm getting to visit Australia with you. :)

Plus this just shows (although I had NO doubt) that what you teach on your blog is how you *really* live. You are truly authentic. And very creative!

Lynn M. said...

Oh it is just so fun seeing you in these photos...did you make your dress and jacket? Very pretty! I guessed that the tea room was in a train...hurrah! how clever that is to redo an old train...a great use for one.
Will you be leaving at month's end to come back home?

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful post - reviving to the weary soul and an absolute delight!!

I am so very glad you have been able to experience Victoria and a little sample of what it has to offer. the train tea-room sounds marvellous , and there are all sorts of little places such as this squirrelled away throughout the country; even in South Western Sydney, my home, there are little tea-rooms hidden away 'in plain sight' that are refreshing.

your counsel for carers is sound, sorely needed and so very sensible; the carer needs to remember herself, especially in the midst of her role, that refreshment and restoration can be sought, even in little ways - your sewing and artwork are an excellent example, and taking a little time out as you did with your friend here even for only an hour or so is extremely efficatious for mind and body. I am so glad you are going to another tea-room after church on Lord's day.

Never feel embarrassed about colouring or drawing, even with crayons or pencils; there are so many beautiful materials out there to create with - you may wish to visit the Derwent pencil website for inspiration, then pick some up on the way home. Your local newsagency where you are should have a modest selection, and despite the price, I think you would find such to be a good investment. I pray the remainder of your stay will be enjoyable.

thank you for providing us with a wonderful travelogue.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your mother is enjoying seeing the fruit of her early labors teaching you to be creative and loving the Lord. She must be so blessed with your companionship this past month. How encouraging you are to her.

Thank you for showing us how important it is to do for others. Its such a good feeling to know you've helped someone.
My husband and I live next door to his mom.
Today we put up her garden fencing and a hot wire deer barrier. She was so happy that we spent time doing that for her. She said she counts her blessings and we were on the top of the list.
Mrs. J.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for sharing your sewing projects with us. I have enjoyed each one and am inspired to make some little fleece blankets for family and friends.
Also wanted to let you know how pretty you look in your black and pink polka dot dress and jacket.

Mrs. J.

Finding Joy said...

It's always good to "see" my country through someone else's eyes as it is a beautiful place to live. It looks like you are having lovely weather but I would assume it does get cold at night where you are, as it does for us up further in the ACT.

Michelle said...

Lovely to see that you are having a nice time!

I think that the cheerful yellow throw blanket will help bring some much needed cheer to the chilly winter on its way here in Australia.

Your mother will have lasting memories of your visit with your "signature" apon evey corner of her home.


Lydia said...

Your encouragement is really appreciated. Sometimes I get the extra energy and ideas I need when I see what other people are liking.

Farrah said...

You look lovely on your pictures.

I'm glad you had a good time.

I imagine you truly miss your family. Spending this time with your mother though will be well-remembered. My husband lost his mother just yesterday. He says he wishes he had just 1 more day with her.