Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Shopping Trip, Lunch and Sewing



Since my time is running out I have been taking up every offer I get to go somewhere. This morning a relative took me to a few stores.

This display was inside od a metal gazebo.

The white chandeliers were very attractive,

as well as the rest of the furniture

This is a candle holder that I thought would look lovely with led lights.

The colors look well together.





While buying my sandwich for lunch I had a chance to look at. Couple of the pastries made here. Click the picture to read the names.









A toasted chicken/avocado sandwich is what I had for lunch, with a pot of tea, while my rellies ordered the same thing but a different drink.


One of the fabrics at the fabric store.


Cotton cardigans i bought when i first came here.

A stainless steel teapot that was as light as a feather will end up in my suitcase. I have already used it and it does not dribble, plus it will not get chipped. The tea stays hot and also tastes good.

I bought some small cuts of lawn fabric and one larger piece for a dress. I sure hope i can get someone to take me to get some more. Maybe I can also get my d.h. to add more money on my travel card. The travel card is a nice thing because it automatically makes the foreign exchange for you when you use it, so you do not need travel checks or bother with exchanging money at a bank.

I could only find one package of these paper napkins.

Tonight i have sewn cotton flannel skirts for my mother. She particularly likes these prints to wear with black shivers, and they are easy to make, without a pattern.


After I got back home i cleaned another shelf and found a treasure. It is a pincushion made by my mother's mother.

I went somewhere with Betty and she wanted to leave early in case we got lost. The route she took got us there much earlier than she expected, and she was so astonished, she gasped and said "I got here before I left!"


Lovely laundry carts here. I would sure enjoy having one of these at home. It i





MrsSM said...

Oh, what a delight to read your posts on your trip! I understand how you must be anxious to be to be home, and I hope you have a safe journey....HOWEVER, I think that I could really get used to these little anecdotes from your stay.

I love Betty! :) She is indeed a treasure.

I love learning the expressions: "rellies" and "shivers", for example. Speaking of which, what's a shiver? It makes me think of a sweater.

The names of those desserts are wonderful--I would for sure buy them to have with my tea.

The projects you've made, the photos you've taken of the fences, the people you've visited with, have all made for some delightful posts.

Thank you so much--they've ministered to my soul in a way that I cannot express.


Gayle said...

Loving the fabrics, so pretty.And the teapot looks like it has a nice handle,too.I have really enjoyed your posts so much and have looked forward to seeing what you have been up to each day.Betty seems like a
fun person ,I can imagine it will be hard to say goodbye to her.

Anonymous said...

Glad you've been able to enjoy some shopping and find some lovely treasures that can be packed for your travels home. It's been so nice of Betty to drive you around. I imagine she will miss you when you leave.

I like that tea pot. I have a 2-cup pot that looks similar. It has a mesh wire basket that fits inside. After the water has boiled in the pot, I put the basket holding the loose tea back into the pot to brew. It gets a lot of use!

How nice you could make those skirts for your mother - it seems like it will be a reminder of your time together whenever she wears them.

Enjoy the rest of your stay~

Anonymous said...

Oh my, the fabrics are lovely, but that pincushion is the genuine treasure! I hope that you're able to find room in your suitcase for it if your mother no longer has a need for it :) Dianne

Dawn E. Brown said...

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy and am blessed by your postings. The fabrics,fences,little chats about Betty, all make one feel as though they are a part of the trip.Thank-you kindly and may God bless you as you serve Him.Dawn Brown

Anonymous said...

Pretty fabric! I love that line "I got here before I left!" Funny!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,

what a dear you are to sew some lovely things for your mom. She is really going to miss you when you leave.

I'm sure Betty and the ladies of the caravan park will too. Jesus in you has brightened everyone's life since you arrived in Australia.

Enjoy your shopping trips, teas, sewing and the rest of your trip.
Thank you for sharing your trip with us and all your great finds especially the fabrics and your great grandmother's pin cushion.

Blessing, Mrs. J.

Ann said...

I second Krista's post entirely. It has been such a treat to read the posts of your trip "down under". We are all living a bit vicariously through you and the wonderful friends you have made in your Mothers Senior Park. Reading of these lovely women and your adventures has been a true blessing. Thank you so much for sharing. And please, bring Betty home with you.

lynn said...

I have to comment again ...first about the skirts you made your mom...that must be a great treat for her...and the little tea kettle is unique..glad you can bring that home with you. Your new cardigans are really so pretty...nice colors! Thanks for letting me rattle on again!

lynn said...

Oh yes...and the cookies with your initial! did you notice they had "L" on them....of course you did! I hope you bought at least one for yourself!

Lydia said...

Will the one who posted as "Rellie" please email me personally? I would appreciate it very much

Lydia said...

My email is ladylydiaspeaks or

Lydia said...

My email is ladylydiaspeaks or