Monday, May 27, 2013


Monday afternoon (Sunday in the northern hemisphere) I joined a tour around some of the Mornington peninnsula provided by one of the residents of the caravan park. This is Point Leo.

Parks are maintained all around the beaches for the public, yet are charmingly personal, providing a picture view. This is Point Leo.



The tour went from Westernport to Sorrento and back to Mornington, stopping at many beautiful places inbettween.


Looking at Phillip Island
Taken from Point Leo, with Flinders in the background.
Point Leo with Phillip Island in the background
London Bridge, Sorrento
Above: this could be the Oregon coast, couldn't it!
Looking at Bass Strait
Yes, it is cold here.
I managed to convince the driver to stop and let me take photos of two fences.



Betty (see previous posts) did not join the tour because she said it was "a cut lunch" which means that it is such a long trip that she would have to prepare a lunch and cut sandwiches and cakes to pack. She said she the 60 mile trip was too far, and that was "fair dink" , (which is short for "fair dinkum" which means truthful)and that was it, and she said she was "sticking by her story" which is another of her one-liners that I wrote down.

We were gone from noon til 5 pm and I was tired of taking pictures and tired of touring but saw one more photo opportunity when we got back to the caravan park. This is a sign with a little street light here, and below is a scene showing the low fog on the field.

I had a bit of winding-down time this evening, making a paper mirror using aluminum foil. I sometimes watch the shows about home make-over contests and wonder what the results would be if the producers of that kind of show would only allow home improvements using household products like sheets, towels and ordinary household products.

This is the pin cushion I sewed with scraps of fabric and a cardboard base, from yesterday's projects shown on the previous post.

Below is a little basket made of the same fabric, which will be filled with something handmade.

I added a little potholder to the kitchen decor with the daisy fabric.

A few thoughts on being a lady:

It is important to gracefully over-look faults in others, yet important to maintain your own integrity and dignity by not indulging in the vices or improprieties of those who want to be our friends.

Some people who come across as being rude do not intend to be so.


Christine said...

You have gotten me to stop and look at fences. Some of them are work of art.

Lynn M. said...

Very excellent and enlightening advice on being a lady. Thank you for this food for thought, Lady Lydia.
I also enjoyed your tour pictures and little crafts...yes,it does remind me of the Oregon coast too. The black and pink and white print dress is great on you...I have a print of a picture of it you sent on a post...and your black jacket is good with it. I have a light-weight crepe type black blazer jacket that is part of a suit and I think it would be great to use over my dresses, as I see you do so nicely. Very appropriate for a cover-up. It's quite a fine vacation you are having...enjoy your time and place will be home soon.

Lynn M. said...

Another thought....I really like the picture of the narrow slats fence with the thin bushy branches reaching over it...beautiful and artistic!

Gayle said...

I loved the pictures, it is so beautiful there.And you look so pretty in your picture.The craft projects have given me some ideas,too.I would have never thought I wanted to go to Australia until you posted all of your lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

It's been nice seeing the pictures you've taken of homes, fences, land and water views, and crafts you have made while visiting there in Australia. Your thoughts on being a lady and a woman of virtue are always welcome and appreciated, too. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

I appreciate your tips on overlooking faults, remaining true to oneself and one's values when around others and also keeping in mind that sometimes others may come across as rude without intention. All great reminders. (I intend to apply them today!)

Thank you for sharing your tour. It is so fun to see these parts of Australia.

Blessings to you,