Friday, May 10, 2013

Shopping in Mornington, Hastings and Frankston in Victoria, Australia

This morning I went out to fabric stores in Hastings and Frankston and had a really good time looking at a fabric called lawn, a soft, thin cotton fabric with endless varieties of prints, which I have not seen in U.S. fabric stores in a long time. You see above the piece I bought today. I also got a small piece of coral colored fleece that is the shade of the Galah birds I have shown here a few posts back. I am looking for more of that color combination.
After I returned from shopping there was still time to do a few things so I made shortbread, using Tasmanian butter, honey and flour, and it baked just right in the toaster-oven. I am getting closer to glamping, with proper cups of tea poured from the pot into cups on saucers. I am still culling and cleaning and getting creative ideas at the end of the day. In this photo you see the scones I made in the toaster oven yesterday.

Since my mother lives in a caravan park, we are the talk of the community. While I have no idea what anyone else is doing, the residents here know when I have gone out and which brother or sister took me, what places we visited and when I return.I would not know how to figure out where they go and what they do all day. I was gone a lot longer today and did not get back til about 3 p.m. and while I was gone, my Mother got several visits from the other caravan-ers wanting to know why it was taking me so long and when I would get back. I think some of the other campers missed watching me take my basket to the laundry and carry buckets of hot water back to wash dishes. I must remember to wear a different apron so the local residents will not get too bored. They know what fabric I buy because it hangs on the line and they want to know what I am going to do with it. One of the things they find quite curious is the way I dress, but I explained that I am a dressmaker and like to wear my creations.

I have sewn two dresses for my mother and will attempt a skirt for her tomorrow. I am also going to a wedding tomorrow that is taking place in someone's house.


Anonymous said...

Oh this was delightful! They notice what you do and what you wear...well, you have certainly added a bit of something to their lives :D

I am glad that you enjoyed yourself yesterday. How fun to be able to visit fabric stores in any country we are visiting.

As a dressmaker, I tend to gravitate to these places when I leave the mountains... there is a certain camaraderie among sewers :)

Have a blessed Mother's Day Lady Lydia! m.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lawn fabric - how I wish we could get that here in the USA as easily as plain cotton.

Gayle said...

It has been so much fun to see what you are creating while you are there.Can't wait to see what you make with the pretty fabric.

Lynn M. said...

Have a wonderful wedding 'adventure'. Now, cotton LAWN is so lovely and I have only one place that may still have Bucks Co. Pa. in my home town. It's very expensive...but really the only cotton really worth working is so cool in the hot summer. I was also wondering if neighbors would inquire about your dress. Today I had a younger lady stop me ( in parking lot of grocery store) to say my red and white gingham dress reminded her of the dresses her mother made for her and her sisters and herself when she and the sisters were small. They all "matched". She asked me if I made it and then said it made her day. wow! A major compliment! And i was glad to have cheered her just by what I had on! you tell us we can influence society in a happy way by how we dress.
Does your mother enjoy long dresses too? Would enjoy seeing what you make for her.
Your scones, or biscuits look real good.
Lynn M

Lynn M. said...

To find cotton lawn I would try the internet...who knows what we could find there?!

Lynn M. said...

Lydia...Oh wear your different aprons too!
Lynn M

Anonymous said...

That fabric reminds me of fabric by Tilda, who wrote the "Sew Pretty Homestyle" books.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun post! I'm not a sewer, but when I read old books they often talk of dresses made of 'lawn'. I've no idea what it is, but I bet it's lovely.

You sure know how to make things lovely and fun NO MATTER what situation you're in. I feel blessed to get to learn from you. :)

Michelle said...

Blessings to you as I read this from my hometown in New South Wales, Australia.
Smiling as I read about your aprons, people always notice something beautiful, I mean really beautiful, like a breath of fresh air.
I just know that you will leave a lovely lasting impression.

Susan said...

Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning. I am just creating a vision in my mind of all the neighbors peering out their windows so see what you are going to do next. So comical! You will probably be the talk of the community for months to come. I think it is really amazing how you are able to create beautiful moments no matter where you go. It helps me think of creative ways to get myself motivated. Your fabric creations are lovely. I can't wait to see what you make next. Happy Mothers Day to you and your mother. Will you be celebrating Mothers Day there?

anonymous said...

Oh Lydia,
your post was such a delight. Don't be surprised if the ladies of the caravan court want to mimic you in the future. I'm thinking you've brought beauty into their lives.

Susan, I also have been complimented on my attire, by men as well as women and children. Since knowing Lydia and her beautiful creative ways I've become more conscious of what and the way I wear clothes and how it affects others.

Thank you Lydia for sharing, have a wonderful time and Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother.

Janet W.

Anonymous said...

Love your Lawn fabric. It is perfect for Summer and plain white or beige is great for under garments: Since it is 100% cotton it breaths with the skin and is most comfortable.

I like it because it washes and dries fast.
Thank you for sharing.

Michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day Lady Lydia. I know you're away from your children, but how wonderful that you can spend Mother's day with your mom. The fabric is beautiful. I assume this is the same kind of lawn fabric that Laura Ingalls Wilder mentions in her books. I love hearing about your sewing projects.

Unknown said...

i am glad that you enjoyed yourself, How fun to be able to visit fabric stores in any country we are visiting. thanks a lot for sharing.