Sunday, May 26, 2013

Another Full Day in Australia

Betty, who lives in the caravan park where I am staying, took me to worship services today, where we observed the memorial of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ by taking of the emblems (above).

Betty is riding on the wings of my holiday in her country by accompanying me to places in her area that she does not normally visit. Today we had lunch at the T and Chatta Cafe, where the staff is so friendly and the food is delicious.

This is what I ordered,
and this is what Betty had. She said she was a rabbit. I am writing down some of her one-liners, which I will share. She keeps me laughing.

This was the cup I drank from. The photo does not show the pretty pink color.
I admired this majolica dish, but since it weighed something, and would have to be put in my suitcase, I did not buy it. I was not sure about getting it home without chipping it. It looked like the flower would hold a dip or salad dressing, while the leaf would hold fruit or salad.
On the way home, Betty indulged my fence-fetish and let me walk on the sidewalk while she waited in the car. Here are some of the fence photos I took. Betty says she has observed that I like three "f's": food, fabric and fences.
There are not a lot of fences between houses, where I live, so I am enjoying the different eras and styles of the fences here.

This is my favorite fence today, and when I took the picture, Betty said that I had more front than a Meyers store. That means that people in the neighborhood were looking from their windows, watching me snap this photo.
This fence had a matching letter box made out of some kind of steel can,

and this is a letter box made from a portable gas can and other things I cannot describe.
Betty took me to visit her brother and his wife just so I could get a picture of his lighthouse letter box,
and look at the view from their lovely house,
and see this mail box in the same neighborhood. I think the Australian ladies could tell us what kind of letter box it is.

After that much activity I enjoyed making these paper lanterns, which I clipped to a rope with clothes pegs and made paper doilies and shelf edging

and some simple sewing projects.
I covered this small travel-size iron board with a piece of flannel fabric

made a towel with coordinating trim,

a covered for a clothes hanger that came with a cardigan I bought,
and a storage bag for the iron.


Jenny said...

Wow - looks like you had a busy and lovely day!

What a beautiful dish - I have never seen anything like it! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,
It has been fun reading your blog and seeing our area through your eyes.
The letterbox you ask about is fashioned like Ned Kelly - a famous bushranger from Victoria's history.

Gayle said...

I've really enjoyed all the cute tea rooms you have been visiting, and the scenery is just beautiful.Thankyou for showing a side of Australia I probably would never get to see otherwise.

Finding Joy said...

I was going to say the same as Julie, Ned Kelly - a bushranger and robber - not the nicest of men but woven into Australian folklore as does generally happen with bushrangers.

You have had a busy day and I think your new friend has been enjoying herself very much - I think she will miss your company when you leave. Maybe you could write to her:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,
thank you for sharing the photos of the fences.
My favorite is the white picket fence with the cabbage roses climbing over it also.

My neighbor in Calif. painted pretty little bird houses and perched one (pun intended) on top of each post.
Gave her fence a real cottage look.

Have really enjoyed your photos and posts of the tea rooms. I feel like I've been to tea with you and Betty each day.

Mrs. J.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for showing us all of this. It is nice to see some lighthearted posts from another country, of things we would not otherwise see. You made some pretty things, as usual. I like the ironing board cover especially.

jen said...

I'm enjoying your posts and seeing all the things you are doing fixing up the caravan - thanks for sharing :)