Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Casey, Warneet, Tooradin and Koo Wee Rup

Betty took my mother and me on a four hour tour today through four villages. We were sure tired afterwards and we both decided that two hours would have to be our limit for car trips.

In Warneet I came upon two letter boxes unexpectedly and when I found interesting styles of houses and street names and began a collection of photos, Betty realized she would not only have to stop at every fence and mailbox, but now, at all the street signs and houses I liked, as well. "I have borne a monster" she said, which meant that by catering to my fancy for fences at the start of my visit, she had created more interests that she would have to stop the car for.

An outboard motor made into a mailbox.
This letter box looks like an old milk can. The milk cans are by far the most seen around here.

Also in Warneet, Betty showed me some houses she liked, as she has some obsessions of her own: she pointed out every dilapidated house, like the one in the photo, above, and said, "It just needs new curtains!"

She said the house was so small, it would fit in the car, and would be the perfect size for us since we already live in a caravan and would be used to the lack of space.





In the distance is a structure on the water that looks like a gazebo bit i could not find out what it was. This is in Casey.



This is tea-tree. Betty told us about the termites and wood-eating insects: "They go from one dead tree to the next, til they find a nice juicy house to eat."


Down one of the streets i saw a sign for a bed and breakfast inn, but Betty would not stop for a picture. "Too late, she cried, as she waved a wooden leg," Betty quipped. We are past it, it is too late, it is gone, and you cannot get out and walk.


Betty grew up in the area and knew about all the farms. She expressed dismay that so many farms had been sold, and were now "growing houses and airplanes."

Betty wanted to show me her Queen Elizabeth wave, since her name is really Elizabeth. She does wave at everyone because she knows everyone. Her late husband used to work in many of the places around here and she has a vast knowledge of the area's history.

As neared home, she wanted to show us a nursing home she had been in whilst recovering from knee surgery. She drove all around the complex and pointed to a neighboring swimming pool and bowling alley that was not part of the nursing home. Knowing of our search for an assisted living place for my mother, she said, helpfully.

"There you go, Lil! If you get lucky enough to get a room here and you feel frisky, you can hop over the fence and go for a swim and then have a game of Bowles!"

I have laughed so much today, I gave myself an awful headache. Still, I wish I could bring Betty home with me. I imagine she would find us a dour lot and want to get back here in a hurry to a place where everyone understands her one-liners.







magnoliasntea said...

I love the cottage with three chimneys. It sounds like your friend Betty knows how to show a fun time to her friends. Go Betty. :)

The Lady of the House said...

If Betty wrote a book, I'd be sure to read it!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Those tea trees are very oily. In fire season they go up like our eucalyptus do. The natural herbalists swear by tea tree oil.

It looks like you are having good weather and a good time.

I have 2 good friends who live up the road a piece in Ballarat. My husband wants to go there and visit because it was the location of the start of the Australian gold rush, much like the Sacramento area was the start of the Californian.

Safe journeys.

Anonymous said...

I love this!

Lynn M. said...

Your telling of Betty is very humourous....she must be a lot of fun to be with. Pretty pictures again, too. I love all the pretty fences there...and glad you had some sunshine finally.

Lynn M. said...

Your telling of Betty is very humourous....she must be a lot of fun to be with. Pretty pictures again, too. I love all the pretty fences there...and glad you had some sunshine finally.
also...Ifind the names of the towns or areas very odd...charmingly so.

Finding Joy said...

It looks like you are certainly seeing lots of countryside and fresh air which must be very nice. I glad you have found someone to enjoy all these little (or rather long) day trips with.

Barbara said...

I'm enjoying your vacation blog posts. Thank you for widening my horizons by sharing your adventures.