Monday, May 13, 2013

Today's Offering


On Mother's Day one of my brothers gave our mother this bouquet of Australian flowers, from his yard.




On the Lord's Day the preacher's wife presented these little works of art for the tea time after worship services. They are made using a round shortbread cookie as a saucer.


One of the commenters mentioned the clock cookie that serves as a base for these tea cup novelties (above).

This is a green fleece tea cozy I made very quickly and easily, to keep the tea pot hot.


In the mornings I go for a walk and have a bad habit of setting my teacup on the ground while I take pictures. I lost this red tea cup a few days ago and someone kindly set it inside the wire soap rack near the outdoor faucet.

I spoke to the ladies Bible class from the church of Christ in Frankston, Victoria, and covered the subject of the word "she" in the Bible, and showed how wisdom, understanding and knowledge are often personified as a sister, she, or her, and the reasons for it. One of the churches in Revelation was addressed as "the elect lady." We discussed how Christ already liberated women in several ways, and how, by following Christ, women are free to be what they were created for.

I am missing being home but am keeping very busy and today the weather was cold and I had a good day sewing, mostly uninterrupted. I wish I could reveal one of the rooms of the caravan that I have created but it is not yet finished.



Anonymous said...

Oh I like what you shared with the ladies class....when Our Lord finally got my attention, I realized how free I truly was! My purpose in life became crystal clear :)

Thank you for sharing Lydia... m.

SharonR said...

Thank you, wonderful sister. I like all of the things you have said here, as always. I can't get enough! You have written so much, too, that I'll be a while reading it all. Thank you so much for your wisdom. I wish I could have heard your talk to the ladies at the church there in Victoria.
~Sharon (in Arkansas USA)

Michelle said...

Thank you for continuing to share with us your visit in Australia. I'm really enjoying reading about it and seeing the wonderful photos. I'm sure your Mom is really enjoying having you there.

Lynn M. said...

We will stay tuned especially to view the room you have done over!I can imagine your mother must be delighted and cheered with your presence these days.
Lynn M

Gayle said...

The teacup cookies are so cute,and I can't wait to see the room you are creating.

Mrs Carli Thom said...

I used to live in Frankston when I was a little girl! My father used to take us down to the beach all the time and buy ice-cream. Those biscuits are called "Tic Toc's" because of the clock face moulded on the un iced side, they have been an Australian children's favourite for 30 years or more, in fact my husband and I were only talking about them the other day when our youngest was licking the icing off trying to turn her tongue pink, we did that too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,
I've been reading your blog for quite some time.
I was delighted to see that we are members of the same body. I was raised in the church of Christ, married a Christian and we are active with the Fleetwood c of Christ here in Houston, TX.
A missionary from Australia, Mr Mayo, spoke a few Sundays ago about their lives in that beautiful country. Are you familiar with the Mayo's?
Look forward to your next post!
In Him, Shari Harniss.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a member of the church of Christ!
Are you familiar with the Mayo family (missionaries) in Australia?
Love your blog!
In Him, Shari Harniss