Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Shopping Trip

I have been to the reject store, which would be a cross between a dollar store and a Ross store, and here is a picture of my purchases. I realized too late that although it was very little expense, it will end up being expensive to take it home with me if my bags are over-weight. I may have to leave it with someone else. They were chosen for the room I am fixing up.

This was an easy pillow case to stitch for the pillow I bought at the reject store.
The window ledge in the caravan is very narrow so I created a little cloth window box for it. Most of the decor in this room is no-sew, made by tearing, twisting, tucking and tying.
This the scarf made from the coral fleece fabric, the color of the galah birds. I made it curl by cutting elastic half the length of the scarf and stretching it the full length of the scarf as I stitched it.



amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Why don't you get a box and send it back to your home via post mail. I've sent priority boxes to Ballarat and they've gotten there within a week. I would imagine that it would be less cost than paying overage fees with the airlines. That way you can bring the things home that you really want.

Farrah said...

Many times I have mailed items to my home so as to not go over in weight for the airlines. Just a thought!

Lydia said...

thank you, Farrah.

I also thought just to pay for an extra box or container or bag at the airport

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness clever does that scarf look! It is so pretty, and simple to make :) I agree with Farrah, mailing will probably be cheaper than taking it with you on the plane. m.

Anonymous said...

I am wishing you a safe and enjoyable return home.

The items from the "reject" store look like things I have seen in expensive catalogs.

I agree about the scarf - it is beautiful!

Sara said...

The teapot and scarf are cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Well done Lydia. The items you found and purchased are very useful. Many things can be done with the wire basket: flower arrangements, serving rolls and scones or baked treats.
The two tea light holders are great for centerpieces for tea parties or for Holiday meals.
And the tea tin is great for keeping loose and bagged tea fresh. You can also set it on a table and use for a biscuit, cracker or cookie jar.

I've seen scarves that look like that in high end boutiques that are crochet or knitted. Fleece is more practical for warmth.

Thank you for sharing your shopping trip and treats with us.

Mrs. J.

Anonymous said...

I know that scarf must be simple, but could you tell a little bit more about it? I would like to make one too.

Is it a rectangle? I couldn't tell from the picture if the part around your neck is more narrow or not.

And then you stretch the elastic straight down the middle of entire scarf?

Thank you, very inspiring and beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Hi Lydia,

Your "reject" store has some delightful items - how fun for you :) And your scarf is lovely! The color is so feminine and I love the way it's ruffled.

Blessings to you!