Sunday, March 01, 2015

A Beautiful Sight

Greetings on this fine Lord's Day.  I hope you have a pleasant time and concentrate on the reason for assembling, avoiding distracting thoughts.  God bless everyone,


The painting is by Paul de Longpre, who made what are known as "yard longs".   This one looks so fresh,like the roses are still alive. Would love to have this in my home to wake up to every day!

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Anonymous said...

Have a lovely and peaceful Sunday too.

I was just browsing the
internet today to see if I could find a tutorial on how to raise a neckline to one of my v-neck cotton / spandex t-shirts but I couldn't find any. I think I heard a long time ago to just lace elastic through the neckline and re-sew. Anyway, sorry for being off topic.

we had to skip church today because we would have to walk in the rain, but we are going to have our own devotional time at home.

Cousin Rosemi