Friday, March 13, 2015

Mail Twice a Day

At 6 a.m. I already posted a message, but I could not wait to send these two inspiring photos I found on Pinterest a long time ago. They both evoke old homestead memories when we took a bit of old and new and put it all together, before we ever knew anything about color coordination or matching.

It is a busy day for me as I will be cleaning up after hosting Ladies Bible Class yesterday. Anyone care to help?  I was absent from the Wednesday evening Bible class at church due to some sniffles and a little sinus--signs of things in bloom--but am feeling fine.  For those who suffer more seriously from sinus, try eliminating wheat and flour products, and high oxalate foods.  I know someone who has done this and says she has not had any sinus trouble in a long time, and when she does tempt nature and eat something grain-related, or something high in oxalates, she feels the familiar twinge in her face and a sinus coming on.  I am trying this and it is more effective than any other remedy, at least for me. Do a web search on oxalates to get a list of foods low in oxalates. Oxalates form crystals in the sinus membranes, causing pain.  The same foods cause kidney stones. You can "kill two birds with one stone" on a low oxalate diet.  It generally avoids rough foods and whole grains that cause the most trouble. Not all people can tolerate the same foods, so we must each do what suits us best! Notice it says "low" when referring to oxalates.  It is not possible to eliminate every oxalate but we can aim for "low".

There was a time when the post delivered mail twice a day. As a common and frequent form of communication, the mail could really back up!


Unknown said...

I didn't know the mail used to be delivered twice a day? Oh I wish we could return to written communication. I love the internet and the beautiful blogs. I do miss getting notecards in the mail. A friend and I used to swap tea bags with each note. Kelly

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I remember mail coming in the morning and afternoon when I was growing up in Central Wisconsin. I also remember when phone #'s were only 5 numbers, until they added exchanges because they wanted to make it easier. My dad knew the head of the local phone company and our phone # was 359-3591. Easy to memorize.
I was disappointed when our local newspaper stopped being an afternoon paper and went to mornings. I already had a subscription to the LA Times and didn't want another in the morning. Now I read the news online.
It's 82º at 1130am here. Gonna be a hot weekend.
Have a lovely one.

Dawn said...

Those pictures are so pretty. I would love to visit that bedroom.

I vaguely remember needing to dial only five numbers. Now we have to dial the area code, too.

Unknown said...

I so love this page! I just discovered it today....someone recommended it on a Facebook page for Grace Livingston Hill, and I decided your blog looked wonderful, and it is! My dear you do my heart's like opening a new gift each time I dip into your writings, pictures...thank you from my heart.

Finding Joy said...

Australian Post is considering moving to only a few deliveries per week as less people are sending mail and they are running at a loss. It would be sad to see the end of daily mail not that I receive that much mail each week - not even the bills arrive by post any more, they are sent straight to my email.

I can remember twice daily mail, I was very small when it stopped in Adelaide.

I do love the second photo, all that beautiful light through the windows - would be lovely in summer.

Lydia said...

The U.S. Post office is always busy and long lines of people using the mail as a result of their internet contacts. More cards and letters, packages and communication is being sent through the mail as a result of web businesses. Even with the alternative courier services, the post office is busy here and we get mail from Monday through Saturday. They interact with the UPS, and the UPS truck is often backed up to their mailing dock.

Finding Joy said...

I should clarify , our letter service is very quiet and on that bases Aust Post want to reduce letter services and up the cost of a stamp. However our parcel delivery is very busy with increased Internet purchasing and that part of the business is doing very well. Our post office is always busy and I often have to wait in a quere to be served. Parcels are delivered 7 days a week and my last parcel was delivered on a Sunday.