Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sewing Time

Art by Mandy Lynn from Allposters

Hello dear ladies at home,

Today I am trying to finish a sewing task I began a few days ago.  There is always something to do to interrupt me and I am ignoring everything in order to work on this. Roxy, at Living From Glory to Glory web-log sent the the fabric and I am happy to say I have it in the machine and am stitching away. Hopefully soon it will be on the dress form for a picture.  As you can see, below, I am tweaking it from pieces of two patterns from the 1980's.  I always had good success with these patterns and styles because they could be sewn up according to your size and never needed adjusting. The patterns were no trouble at all to sew, and our skills increased as each pattern introduced an element on the dress such as a peplum, puffed sleeves, laced bodices, and other things of interest.

Southern Lady magazine online features this photograph of a lovely old house and agarden gate.

Below, one of the ladies I know who farms, makes these nice bags from the feed sacks. She lines them with cotton fabrics and she makes handles for them, matching the fabric with the color of the bags:

These bags are very strong and we buy them from her and use them for groceries and storage. They are great to use to hold clutter when cleaning a room.

Art by Mandy Lynn from Allposters.

This is the bodice of the dress.  Check back for updates on this post, if you are interested.


Dawn said...

What pretty fabric! You'll surely end up with a beautiful dress.

Unknown said...

That is really pretty fabic. I also really like the idea of homemade shopping bags...what a special way to handle all those groceries!

living from glory to glory said...

Oh Lydia. I love the bodice and the neckline. So very pretty!You are very blessed to be your own seamstress to mix and match pattern pieces that work for a better fit.
It is very hard to find modest yet pretty clothing! I know you will look very nice! Blessings, Roxy

Linda said...

I love the neck detail. The fabric is beautiful, so feminine.

anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,
not surprisingly I also have some of that same fabric. Haven't decided what dress pattern to use yet.

Your dress is so pretty and feminine.
The detail you are adding is perfect.

Happy Spring!

Janet Westrup.