Monday, March 02, 2015

Getting Started With the Day's Duties

Basket of Roses by Paul de Longpre

Are you new to being a homemaker and caretaker of the home and family? Perhaps without imposed schedules and time-cards it is hard to know how and when and where to begin your day.  Seasoned homemakers sometimes wake up not knowing where or how to start, but this problem can be a good one, because, at home, you are free to jump start your own day with your own little motivational perks.

What about:

-Getting ready for the day by dressing in fresh, clean, pressed clothing, and adding a new apron that matches your outfit.

-Wearing  a delicate scent.  I like "Vanilla Brown Sugar" from Dollar Tree. It is just enough of a scent without overwhelming.

-A hearty breakfast high in protein...poached eggs on homemade bread, with freshly squeezed orange juice. This is a good time to take any supplements you use, as taking them on an empty stomach is not so comfortable.

-Some homemakers like to do their town errands in the first half of the day while shops are open and energy is higher. A list should be kept for adding household shopping needs so you do not have to sit down and make one each day. Just keep adding to the list as you run out of things or have to find something to finish a chore or a project.  Going out at first has its advantages,  but for variety it is nice to go out "at last" when the home work is done.

-List a few things to do that are not housekeeping: a card or scrapbook page, sewing project, a package for someone, a nicely set afternoon tea tray waiting for that time.

-A little reward: a flower arrangement, a new or old publication or book you enjoy; in short, a gift to yourself to open when you are finished necessary tasks, all placed in a basket or tote of sort, which you can anticipate using at a time you decide upon

-Begin with the room closest to the front door, putting it in order and working clockwise around the house to quickly get the house looking tidy.

-Do not stress over any thing, and developed the habit of cleaning as you go. That means picking up and neatening things as you see them. An automatic clean-up mentality will prevent the necessity of a grueling cleaning day.  (You know you are developing effective habits when someone calls you a neat-nik or a clean freak.)

The end of your day determines the ease of the next day: make a plan of things you want to do, get your clothes out for the next day. You can even set the table if you like.

On Pinterest while looking for pictures of ladies and tea, I found this photo.  Ladies were determined to take time for tea, and I have seen photos of them sitting in a camping area taking tea or in front of humble shacks. It looks like such a relaxing time and it is too bad this picture is not in color. 


Farrah said...

Your list is very good!

Unknown said...

Even though I am a seasoned homemaker, I still love these can be easy to get on auto pilot and forget there is a beauty in itself to the ritual.

Linda said...

I love reading your lists. It never hurts to look at a routine in a different way.
I like getting my necessary jobs done first just in case I get interrupted later on.