Monday, March 23, 2015

A Working Day

Good morning dear ladies of the home,

I woke up to a dark rain storm, followed by a brief slice of sun, and I took the above picture of the handmade swing and pretty meadow behind it. However icey cold it was I felt like I was transported to a vacation resort!

As I have not made any progress on the sewing project I have no photos to show, so I found a few things I like from the web.  The above picture is a reproduction mailbox, the kind usually hung on the outside wall of the house. Anyone remember these?  They cannot even be found in a second-hand store these days. This one is actually available at Victorian Trading Company and I am already trying to figure out how to get one, or make one like it.  

A pretty pillow, also sold at Victorian Trading. I will one day gather up my handmade pillows and get a photograph.

I hope to catch up on paperwork and correspondence, and the pink typewriter would suit me fine.  I have a old green one that I have never shown on this blog. I keep intending to show my desk and all the things I use, but always have beds to make and a kitchen to clean, laundry, etc. Hopefully I can catch up soon and go on to other things.

Last week I was in a craft store briefly and saw some scrapbook papers I really like, made by a company called Graphics 45. Their things are works of art that could be framed "as is".

I do have something special to show you that I am going to be doing, so I may be posting more than once today on this weblog.

In the meantime, let us keep our optimism and continue to be good examples in the home as homemakers and home keepers.  Do not let thoughtless remarks of others dampen your enthusiasm or make you give up on your goals.


Gail said...

I am cleaning out my refrigerator today and washing it down. It feels wonderful. Also culling things from the pantry. I will do a bit of grocery shopping tomorrow. It is always nice to live according to one's own schedule and needs for the day, and not be commandeered by an outside boss.

Unknown said...

Today is a work day for me also sister Lydia. I feel a bit behind but at home we have the priviledge of not reporting to some despotic boss on being a bit behind. I have changed out my closet for more light fabric dresses. I am cleaning the kitchen too. I sometimes miss the things of old like that pink typewriter. I remember typing in school 30 years ago. Blessings