Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beulah Land

Good Day, Dear Ladies, 

I hope this page will make you feel joyful and content at the same time. Being home may mean you are alone a great deal of the time, but it does not mean you have to be isolated or lonely.  Some of the weblogs on my sidebar have very encouraging daily posts, and most weblogs invite interaction through comments, so I would urge you to contact people and make friends. I know many people the world around, as do some of you, and have even had visits in my home from them.  The web is an opportunity for Christian homemakers to fellowship and build one another up.

Today I was thinking about this song, "Beulah Land."  It has several different tunes, and this one, (click on the video below to hear it) is interesting to me.


As I read more of the Bible I find things I had not thought too much about when I read about it in the past. Today I saw the words, "Beulah Land," and wondered what it meant and where it came from.  It is seen in this verse 

"Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate; but thou shalt be called Hephzibah and thy land Beulah; for the LORD delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married." Isaiah 62:4

The verse alludes to the people of God turning back from a life of emptiness to worship God.  Beulah means love or marriage.  When we turn from the desert of sorrow and sin to the light of God's word and begin to follow the commands of Christ, we enter Beulah land, the sweet "land" of true life.

So, I hope you will click on the song and enjoy it. It is not the traditional tune of the hymn you are probably familiar with, but I like it because it comes across with sweet sincerity.  "There my hopes on thee I stand," it says.

 This song also speaks of Heaven as Beulah land. "I am kind of homesick for a country, to which I have never been before,...where my home shall be eternal."  Songs like this confirm our faith and give us a reason to do our very best and beyond that.

Tea Party by George Sheridan Knowles

I am honored that you have come by here, perhaps for your tea-break, and I hope you are using a fine cup and saucer and having a pretty treat. Today I am going to do a few things at the church meeting house in preparation for the Lord's Day tomorrow, and I have of course, some sewing to work on, a house to clean and a bit of writing to do. I am working on tracts and bulletins for Christian women, and I hope to offer them as free printables some day. 

Coming up on this weblog also I have been collecting pictures and doing some sketches of garments in relation to God's creation---a way a lady at home can have something nice to wear that is like nature in its color and pattern. I hope I can settle down and finish that soon. ;-)

John William Waterhouse "The Soul of the Rose"

I have often been reluctant to buy fresh flowers because it seems a waste of money, however, if it is included in grocery perishibles, which of course never last more than a day or two around here anyway, I am considering including flowers  aspart of the groceries, along with perishible purchases. Sometimes there are bouquets at the grocery stores under the cost of five dollars, and what a blessing to have some flowers at the table or in the living room to delight visitors or your own family.There are other advantages to purchased flowers. So today I hope if you are having a day where you need something extra, go get yourself a single rose or a bouquet of carnations or some other thing. If you want these store bouquets to last longer, keep them in the fridge until you want to use them, or put them there at night if the weather is hot.  

Dollar stores also have excellent imitations. Florals give bright, fresh color spots for you throughout the home.  It is always enjoyable to see them as I walk through the house putting things away or sweeping or some other kind of housekeeping.

                                          Dollar store florals are quite nice, too. Even the crystal ribbon wrapped               around the vase is from the dollar store and comes in several colors. There is enough in the package to use on several different things.

                                                    Perfect for gifts, too.



Anonymous said...

I so enjoy my visits with Lydia:)
Next time I will do as you suggest and have a pretty cup of tea as I have my daily visit with my far away friend.
Hugs from Shirley

Lydia said...

Thank you Shirley, I love your blog. It is so vivid and uplifting.

Simply Shelley said...

Such a lovely post. I love the song, I've sung it often. Your flowers are beautiful. Blessings

Rachel said...

I´ve learned that if I put a tablespoon of sugar as I´m filling the vase with water for the flowers, they last longer and look happier!