Sunday, March 29, 2015

An Invitation to Ladies Bible Class

While I realize it would be impossible for you to come and share a delicious cup of tea while we have a Bible study,  This is an invitation that is nearly as good, through a Skype visit. 

 I would love to have some of you who have attended before come again, and would like to invite anyone  who needs some extra fellowship and inspiration, to contact me if you would be able to come.

Ladies who visit via Skype usually get themselves ready to go somewhere, get a cup of tea and their Bible and hymnal if they have one, and sit down on front of the camera to watch us and participate with us from their end.

  The time is Thursday at 10:am U.S. Pacific time, and the class lasts about 45 minutes, including introductions and singing.  A Skype visitor usually stays awhile and visits while we have our lunch. If you would like to come, be sure and press the blue contact me button on the left and sent me an email. I will schedule you to come on whatever week you can spare.

  I would love to have visitors from around the world.  Since 10 am here is the middle of the night in Australia, I will not insist the Australian ladies come!  Maybe one day when I get more computer savvy I will put up a video of the class for those unable to attend.

I think homemaking is a wonderful life but I know that it can get lonely if there are no other homemakers in your life to fellowship.  Also, some ladies do not have the encouragement they need at home, and the ladies Bible class provides an uplifting visit.  If you want to come one of these Thursdays,  please contact me.  Our ladies who sit in my living room always ask who is coming on Skype and they look forward to visiting someone across the miles.

If those who have already attended the class will leave a comment about how you liked it, I would appreciate it.

When I use the term "tea" I mean the lunch that consists of small bites of various savories and the kinds of things one has with endless cups of tea. Other beverages are available too, including a homemade punch and other choices.

This class began 50 years ago and has continued on I to the next  generation. We choose a book of the Bible and read a chapter and then discuss it.  We also have some singing and a prayer and later we visit around the room.  We love having a Skype guest. It is such a thrill to meet someone and hear what they say and we hope we can edify them, too.


Unknown said...

I would love to attend your Thurs morning Bible Study through Skype. I must figure out how to use Skype then I will join you! Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

Lydia said...

You are welcome any time.

Nick's Bride said...

I had such a wonderful time attending your women's Bible study! I thought that doing so through Skype might be awkward, but I felt so involved and just like I was sitting there with you all. =) I wish I had a group of ladies like yourselves as my neighbors here in Germany! Thanks for giving women from far away the opportunity to participate - it was such a blessing!