Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Gift

Would you like to have a gift delivered to your door, especially on a cold, rainy, dark day? Today we are delivering one to someone and I would like to tell you how we made it. 

To offer comfort and cheer to someone in the hospital, we have prepared a gift basket for her.  As the shopping in my area is limited, the ladies of the local church and I did our best to make a luxury-looking basket using the dollar store, Goodwill and the grocery store.  

We found two teacups at Goodwill, with no damage or chips or any sign of wear. The basket will be delivered  by a relative and they will both have a tea time together.  Dollar Tree had some realistic looking hydrangea stems and colored glass jars.

The recent Victoria magazine has a bright bouquet on the cover, which, in itself gives off a happy feeling.

Shrink-wrap is no longer in style, which is something we used to wrap packages in, but in its place are clear cellophane basket bags that fit over large baskets quite well and are a lot easier to manage than shrink-wrap.  It is wet and windy outside and we wanted the contents of the basket protected in something waterproof for transport.
The basket is from the dollar store and is reminiscent of a vintage shopping cart. 

The bag is twisted tightly and fastened with a kitchen clip. Although the bags come with wire ties, it is much easier to open using the clip, available in a package of 4 colors at Dollar Tree.

Inside is also a package of gourmet cookies and high quality tea.  A hand-stamped card was made by one of the ladies.

I can remember when cellophane bags and gift wrap were very expensive, and now we have fairly attractive packaging from dollar stores. 

While we do not want to be stingy, we also have to be careful not to make gifting a burden on anyone, so we try to keep the costs down. This makes it possible to create more charity baskets and get-well gifts. The cost of this basket was as follows:

Floral , basket, wrapping papers, ribbon - $4.00 from the dollar store
Cookies, tea bags and magazine  $10.00 from the grocery store
Two teacups and saucers from Goodwill- $2.50

Of course this can all be made almost without laying out any cash, by finding things at home that you cannot use anymore, and making a gift with them.  

If you want to give something like this, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

-First, make it have a cheerful appearance, as first impressions set the mood for openning the gift. 
-Second, wash the teacups if they are from a thrift store, and use soda bicarbonate to remove any stains. Remove price stickers, rinse in hot water and dry well. Pad the saucers with squares of bubble wrap so the cups do not chip in transit. 
-Third, if uncertain what to put in the basket or what kind of container to choose, find something YOU would delight in receiving, as well as the other gifts inside.  If it is something you would like, it might please someone else.

Long ago I discovered that creating a gift for someone else was just as good or better than getting one. When I get to feeling that I want a little lift or a little excitement, I put together a gift (within my means and my ability) for someone.

This weblog is my gift to my readers, like a basket of your favorite things. I know I like to get mail, and I am sure you do, as well, so I try to put up informative and useful, uplifting posts whenever I am able.

May you have lovely moments in your little dwelling for the remainder of this day.

These interesting plastic baskets, like the old shopping baskets or laundry carts, also were available in pink and other colors at Dollar Tree and would look nice in the laundry room with white towels folded neatly inside, a pretty perk to the house.

A close-up of the handmade card.


Santie said...

Thank you, for your precious gifts from across the ocean. Always uplifting, always inspiring. You are a wonderful cyber friend :)

Julian said...

Beautiful! I'm sure she will enjoy it, and I like how you all worked together to make something low cost and beautiful ! Thankyou for sharing! Christina

Lydia said...

This was taken to someone who has a relative in the hospital, to share. The caregivers do not often get a get-well gift but they need some appreciation and encouragement. The recipient did phone and express her delight at receiving this collection, saying she was already enjoying it.

Stephanie said...

Hello lovely lady! You share such beautiful ideas and you "speak" in a very graceful manner - it's always refreshing to visit you :)

Your basket of pretties would bless anyone and you have inspired me to make something similar. Oh, how I love to give to others - it's such a joy.

Happy Wednesday to you. Hugs and blessings!

vintage ellen said...

"The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention". I can't remember who said that but it is so true. Anyone would be delighted with your lovely gift basket! I always feel very peaceful after reading your blog. Thank you!

Kimberly said...

That is a lovely gift to give. She is blessed who receives this

Alex said...

A gift like that shows real care, it is very sweet. I'm glad it brought some delight to all.The teeny weeny cottage in the last pic is just gorgeous.

Lydia said...

It is interesting the comments and emails I am getting about the cottage. Most people abhor high house payments and mortgages and rent and would be HAPPY to OWN a small cottage. I hope someone will make this possible and ladies can have places of their own and have a home place to enjoy and to leave to the children.

Lydia said...

Nice to see you, Santie,non South Africa.

Homemaker's Heart said...

What a lovely way to let someone know they are loved! i enjoy your creative ideas on a budget. Peace be with you, Dee