Saturday, November 16, 2019

Listen While You Work: Instant Success in the Home, Don't Make Work For Yourself, Think Possibility

Painting by Carl Thomsen

Check out Thrift Books, Abe Books and other places for this book. Sometimes Ebay and Amazon are higher in price. Its good to compare.

Here are the Australian Teacups I showed today in the video:

I got these from The Tea Shoppe in Dandenong, Victoria,(Australia) a few years ago.


Aliyah said...

Hello Mrs.Sherman. Thank you for your ideas about adding decor to our homes.This is something that I will try. I also loved the book you shared about Victorian ladies. I was able to find it on Amazon. I would like to purchase it when I am able.

lynn maust said...

My grandparents had a room off the kitchen called the Breakfast Room...with a big window looking out on the patio and bird feeders - my grandfather especially like to view that when having his breakfast. This room also had a fireplace. When I stayed overnight, I would have breakfast with them in this little room.

Lydia said...

Lynn they really knew how to make a house serve their senses, didn't they! I had an aunt with cardinals in the back yard, which she viewed through the dining room and kitchen windows! There was a well loved magazine for many years called "Back Yard Birds." Many people I knew had field glasses (like opera glasses) to enlarge the view of the birds and catch the details while sitting at the breakfast table.

lynn maust said...

I just ordered a 'good', used Discover Books...for just $4.38 (includes tax).

lynn maust said...

All of that sounds so nice , Lydia..:-)

Rachel said...

Dear lady Lydia,
You look so delicate, dressed in white and pink, so sweet, so different from fashion colors, so inspiring. Thank you! And thanks also for your book recommendations. I hope some day I'll be able to have books on a coffee table and no TV.

As I listened to you, I ironed my mountain of clothes. I always keep a little notebook and a pen next to me when I do the ironing because that's when my best and most brilliant ideas pop up. I specially liked what you mentioned about sending little gifts as a way of hospitality. I used to do so years ago, and after this video, I intend to start doing it again, to friends and family who live far from me. It's a nice way to say "I love you" and "I'm thinking of you" even if I can't see you every day. Not many people take the time to send handwritten letters or cards any more, but i love the old fashioned ways!

Willow said...

Thank you so much for addressing my question about anxiety when providing hospitality for large groups over the holidays! Yes, preparation is the key - I'm going to replace one of the 'hot' meals with an 'afternoon tea' type meal, where I can make some of the food ahead of time. This will also give me an opportunity to use my pretty cups and saucers!
I loved hearing the story of how you all worked with your father's fishing business to earn pocket money to buy the things you wanted - this is such a valuable thing to teach children.

Amelia said...

I listened while relaxing on a Sunday, just resting trying to get well. : )

It was very nice hearing from someone as yourself who was raised on the water, both of my grandparents had waterfront businesses. My Italian grandpa had a shrimpboat named the Lena Marie after my mom. Hardly ever dI get to "meet" someone from the waterfront! : )

it sounds like your parents raised the children to have a good work ethic and to appreciate things. Loved hearing about the blouses with the pearl buttons in your newer video. When my mom was a young lady she had a black or navy skirt and two blouses and she would just trade the items around. My grandma always told the story that when my mother and uncle were little children in the 30s they had to wait for the chicken to lay an egg on morning so my grandma could make them an egg sandwich for their school lunch. My mom said she never realized they were poor though and I think that's great. Your home sounds similar. <3

Blessings to you, I appreciate your radio station! ~Amelia from My Forest Cathedral

Laura Jeanne said...

In this talk, you looked particularly pretty and feminine. I love the high-necked blouse (looks Edwardian) and the very soft looking pale pink sweater.

I listened to this talk while I made some pumpkin spice squares for my children. The recipe is from an old cookbook from the 1970s my mom used to have - she made these pumpkin squares when I was a child and I loved them, and now my kids love them. The secret is in the icing, which turns out like spiced fudge. :)

Certain people in my life have been very difficult of late, and in addition my back is aching terribly at the moment. (I woke up a few mornings ago with it all seized up, and it hasn't gotten better so far.) So it was pleasant to see your cheerful face and hear your friendly voice while I worked today. Thank you for what you do. :)

Feminine Belle said...

Love that tea cup!