Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Housewife Radio: Listen as You Work -Keeping House, Someone is Coming Over, Hospitality Notebook

Hi Ladies,
The new video is the third picture from the top of this post. Some of you had trouble getting it to play but please try again,  and let me know in comments or by email if you still cannot get it. PLEASE REFRESH THE PAGE if you couldn't get it at first and the same page is sitting there.

I enjoy seeing the list of things you got done while listening to Housewife Radio. This is such a great platform for some of the repetitive work everyone must do, and eliminates some of the isolation of the homemaker. Please don't watch it!  It is for your listening pleasure while you work. I do show you my teacup of the day, but after that, there isn't really anything to see and I calculate you might be able to get the laundry folded and ironing done and a few other things.  I ironed several shirts while I was talking to you.

The odd looking skinny lamp next to the wall, at the end of the video, came from HL a few years ago when they had a clearance sale. I needed something that would fit between the wall and the bed, in that tiny room, and this was just right.

This is the other room I talked about in the video.

Another coffee table book with great advice about being a shepherd and gently guiding others in your care.
A Shepherd's Heart by Paul C. Brownlow 1995

Painting by Joseph Farquharson (Scotland, 1946-1935)

(Nicknamed in his day as "Frozen Farquharson" because of his snowy sheep paintings.)

Teacup from Home Goods:
 I have been buying only one of a kind teacups but I have to say this one is nice enough I would go back and get another one for a gift, if there were some still in the shop. I like that it was wrapped in ribbon.

I appreciate you dropping by and listening, and hope you got some things done on this fine Thankgiving Day. Please remember to drop me a comment!!!

Handel's Messiah Concert: "We Like Sheep" occurs approximately 1:20 here
but it is all good listening, and all scripture. I like that there are no manmade words in this composition.


Julel said...

I would love to listen, but apparently have to apply to you for permission, and then sign in? I do understand if you have had issues with trolls, but will miss your broadcasts. With all good wishes to you,and to your family.
Lesley from the UK.

Lydia said...

The video is now working. Look at the third picture down from the top of this particular post. I've tested it and it is okay. You don't need any special effort to hear it. I had a lot of trouble posting it because of youtubes change in some rules but finally it is working so please try again

Lydia said...

Please let me know if you have any more problems viewing this. I have tried to fix some things on it.

Tracy Kim said...

Thank you for talking about Time And True.I never thought to buy clothes at the Walmart.
It's exciting to buy new clothes at a low cost and focus more on my clothes being nicely pressed as well as my hair and make-up being completed (Even it it's just for myself ,my husband and my children)
I feel more beautiful in my appearance and more accomplished in my home and happier having your encouragement from your videos while I complete my tasks.
Thank you so much .I enjoy you and I thank God that I found you .You add to my life .

Laura Jeanne said...

I enjoyed listening to this talk while I worked on my Christmas cards.

I especially liked hearing what you had to say about sheep. We raised sheep for several years, and I can attest to the truth of the statement that they are dumb, although they are sweet creatures - the ewes that is. The rams are another story as they can be extremely violent. We often miss our ewes, especially the sweet little brown one that liked to have her ears scratched. :)

Coincidentally, I saw a large print of that same painting at a thrift store a few days ago. I considered buying it, but it was somewhat faded so I left it there. But it is a lovely painting to be sure.

Christina said...
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