Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Fine Sail

There are few things more relaxing than water, and is a favorite of children.
You know how I like the reflection in the water of this elegant mansion.

For such an adventure I was happy to make use of my seafaring collection.
This tug boat, in the above photo, had a case of the doldrums,

..and this one was having a fine sail.

So thankful for enough rain to warrant this celebration of sea vessels, and since we could not go to the lake, the lake was brought to us.

This colorful one is a paddle boat.

In my long list of things to do, I try to include the word “play”. Do you?


Nicole in MD said...

Love your sense of humor!!

Amelia said...

Very neat! I love whimsical things, I try to keep a playtime, whether it's posing my Snoopy stuffed animal or my Christmas elf, or even little miniature garden figurines. I dress whimsically too many times in fun prints, like retro space babies. It's fun and keeps life a happy place! I want to be the most fun MiMi ever! I enjoyed the post, it's fascinating and reminds me of one of my Worldbook Childcraft encyclopedia story illustrations. I may have to get some boats for my pond now! How fun it must have been to do this!

lynn maust said...

Clever and very cute!

Lydia said...

I grew up with Childcraft encyclopedias which were given to our family in the 1950,
S but haven’t seen any since then. As a child I liked the volume of crafts and activities.

Lydia said...

FYI the boats were in a summer package of sand toys from Hob Lob, tied up in a plastic net. At the end of the season they went on sale 80 percent off, practically free I think. If I were to make a mantel or table display of summer things I might use some of these.

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, your sense of humour is delightful. Thank you for making me chuckle today. Lord knows I need it. ;)