Monday, November 18, 2019

Thoughtful of Others by Your Appearance, Having Plans For Your Home, Manners Flow Outward

Gracie's Tea Ware 


Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

It was an extra special day for me today as I listened to the last two most recent housewife radio messages! With interest, I listened to you talk about the Home Interiors company founded by Mary Crowley. I used to be a decor consultant for that company the first 2 years of our marriage. I admired the Christian principles of their organization, but gave it up when I began homeschooling. I still have many of the pictures, sconces, shelves, etc.. on display in my home. Yes, I will admit it looks a bit vintage... but vintage is the latest trend in interior design now.😏

I appreciate how you advise us to handle the critics among us. Informing others that being a keeper at home is a ministry, responsibility, and duty will usually quench the criticism quickly. It also is a God- given conviction and not a preference for me to be a keeper at home; I haven’t been swayed or persuaded by the naysayers. I know that is the case with you as well, and I truly appreciate you firmly standing upon the teaching of Titus 2 in your walk with the Lord.

I desire to keep growing, learning, and moving forward in my career at home. With God’s grace and these encouraging videos, I am doing just that. Thanks again for all the inspiration you give. By the way, I have the same dress you had on from Walmart’s Time and True clothing line. It looks lovely on you.😊


Aliyah said...

Thanks for the tips. I love the tea ware also.

Outdoors said...

I just love it how you match your outfit with your teacup and everything. It feels so nice that you want to make that effort for us, even though you make these videos for "listening only".

Lydia said...

In the beginning when I show the teacup, you are allowed to watch ;-)

Mountain Housewife said...

My favorite part of this video is when you tell us about Mr. S shielding you from negative people....."because he knew his dinner would not be very good and his shirts might not be ironed if I were upset and distracted." Oh this is so cute and also brutally honest. People often complain about the housewife's vulnerability to a husband's abuse. But no man in his right mind is going to abuse and disable a woman who makes his life such a delight.

Lydia said...

I wondered how you all would take that report!!! I think it takes a while for men to understand the importance of this!!!

Amelia said...

I enjoyed the talk as usual, I'm recovering from a cold so I just plodded along today making some things in the kitchen for Thanksgiving to freeze. I sauteed mushrooms like my Italian grandma did, I made a gluten free stuffing with browned Kerrygold butter with onions mixed in. Both of these things went into the freezer and tomorrow maybe I will start on my Creole sweet potato casserole. I washed a load of my black clothing.

It's nice to hear someone advising and who understands about mean spirited people who attack. It seems we homemakers get it coming and going, whether it's inlaws or outlaws who just can't contain themselves that a homemaker could be content and happy living in Peace and quiet. Once I was attacked on a very large homeschool group online loop daily. This went on for quite a while and it was just so depressing. Our family taught a yearly workshop on 'Vision for a Godly Home'. So I do believe the attack was spiritual, because what they were accusing me of was so far off. My husband after a time got on the loop to in a clever way they were nailed so to speak. I can shake my head about it now but then it was very difficult to say the least and needless to say, the fruits of those people who attacked turned out not to be very good later.

Family devotions? We did do devotions in the evenings and yes, I was sleepy sometimes. *big smile* But for our family with my husband's schedule it worked.

I enjoy your talks! ~Amelia

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this talk while I made a batch of banana muffins, and hung up some laundry. Our dryer is broken so until we get a new one, I'm hanging all of our laundry up in the basement. We do have a line outside but it is so cold now the it would take forever to dry.

Laura Jeanne said...

Somehow my comment got submitted before I was ready! I wanted to add, that I liked what you said about manners flowing outward. It makes sense. It's hard for me, when someone has been particularly rude to me, to continue being pleasant to my children. I can tell a harsh note creeps into my voice and I start to have less patience...but I need to try harder to dam the stream right there, so the poor manners won't be able to flow any further.

Nadja said...

Hello Mrs. Sherman I have a topic for discussion. How to exit a conversation politely ?
Recently I had a family memeber visits from out of town and she came to this social event with my family. I knew most of the people there but she didn't. 
Unfortunately, as I introduced her to others a few people asked her personal questions upon meeting her since she was a visitor. One question I could tell took her by surprise. I could not think of a way to help so I just stood there in shock. I thought of you, and wanted to know if you could incorporate examples of existing a conversation with grace in a video please. Thank you!