Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hay Cities

Today while several ladies sipped tea and had lunch together, I asked them to look out the window and see the hay cities and hay high-rises.

This landscape is never the same. Some times it is a beautiful green meadow and other times it has hay castles on it.  

It was a nice view from our tea table.

I especially liked this apartment building with the Queen Anne's Lace growing tall in front of it.

For tea we had scones with homemade strawberry jam, and chicken-basil sandwiches. The basil was from the garden and what a fragrance! I put some of it on the table, with the rosemary.

Here is some more of that Queen Anne's Lace.  I happen to have a piece of fabric with a Queen Anne's Lace print,  teamed up with a pattern. I hope this year I will make it before the matching flowers are gone.

The ladies think water tastes better when served from a glass pitcher:

We were all still looking at the construction outside the window. Does not the Queen Anne's Lace look exquisite?

We were all discussing what a privilege is is to enjoy these scenes, and have tea together,  and know that others in past times have done the same!

I do not know if you can see the other stacks of hay in the distance.

I am tempted to put yet another picture of my pretty gate, but after taking 10 pictures of it I was afraid someone might think I was being proud of a new pet.


Donna Johnson said...

So nice and encouraging. I love your pictures, and all the sweet simple things, that make life special. Thank you 😊

Lynn said...

Your sandwiches look delicious, your Queen Anne's Lace beautiful, your tea table setting is lovely and I do love the glass water pitcher....good idea.

Laura Jeanne said...

I have a wheat field across the street, too! And last week we watched them gather up those giant bales of straw. It's fun when they make "apartment buildings". Who said living in the country is boring? :)

Also like you, we have Queen Anne's Lace everywhere this time of year. Our sheep love to eat it. I love to gather some up into a jar and put a coloured ribbon around it. Do you have any tea cups with a Queen Anne's Lace print, Lydia?

Feminine Belle said...

Happy Friday, Mrs. Lydia!!

To many pictures? Nah, post the gate.

When you were showing the finger sandwiches, I thought of this video.

*Fruit sandwiches from Cooking with Dog

*it is in English :o)
Kinda neat!!

Your tea parties. Do you have them once or twice a month?

Lydia said...

Laura Jeanne, I do not believe I have ever seen Queen Annes Lace on a tea cup. I shall go look for pictures of that on Pinterest right now!

Polka dot, there are some new flowers growing now so hopefully I can get pictures of them. I have moved that flimsy lightweight gate to a new location. That way I wont ever get bored with it ;-). It is like having another room outdoors.

Lynn, a few years ago I saw plastic queen annes lace in michaels but have never seen it since. Should I check out Hobby Lobby? ;-)

Donna, I put a new homemade cushion on my couch. To me it seems trivial and ordinary but once in a photograph on the blog it looks like something in BHG!

Feminine Belle said...


You had me laughing at... that way I won't ever get bored with it! I love your pet!

I can appreciate having another room outdoors.

A big trend a few years back was to have a make-shift gauzy curtain as a barrier that helped cut out the sun and made some privacy. Have thought about it myself, but then I would not see who walked up to my front door. ;-)