Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Video on Being Emotionally Stable at Home

Portrait of a Young Woman by Erich Ernst Heilmann (German, b. 1924 - d. -?)

Today in my video I made an error when I quoted something from 1st Corinthians 14. It is in Ist Corinthians 12 that the statement was made about "being carried away."  I address this in the video and suggest we do things according to reason and knowledge of the scriptures rather than latch on to ideas and lifestyle changes because we see an interesting trend going on.

I saw a lot of things I would have liked to change in the video but I am not editing anything yet and it has to stand, as is. One thing I will add, is a quote in Jane Austen's "Emma":

You take up an idea and run away with it!

Also my grammar was really slipping in this speech, so its not any surprise  you think  English is my second tongue) but I do not have time for "take 2" and 3 and 4, etc. so I have made up my mind just to do better next time.  

There are other things to consider in this video that aid in stabilizing the mind: organization, neatness, drinking water throughout the day, and keeping yourself going to your goal, without letting others de-rail you.

I want to know what you think, so please leave comments!


Outdoors said...

I loved the term "opponent of the mind". I think I have very strong opponent of the mind that distracts me a lot.

It is also nice that you speak so evenly that it is easy to understand even if english is a foreign language.

You should write your memoirs. It would be very interesting to read.

Unknown said...

The painting is by Erich Ernst Heilmann, "Bildnis einer jungen Frau" (Portrait of a Young Woman)

Anonymous said...

A rare voice of wisdom, grace and encouragement in a world where most women have lost their way. So glad to just hear truth like this spoken outloud. Thank you

Lynn said...

To drink PURE water is so important to the look of your skin too. As Jennifer L. Scott tells us in her book, Lessons from Madame Chic, she drinks "a tall glass of warm water with lemon to get a good night's sleep." (pg.96). She also says, "Many French women drink a tall glass of water before they go to bed and tall one when they wake up - as well as several throughout the day." (pg. 88). I can't start MY morning til I FIRST drink a glass of water from my FIXT water filter pitcher. You will feel so much better when you do this.

Lydia said...

I failed to mention (but had inteneded) that drinking water every hour had a very good effect on my mood, my mind, my motivation.

Lydia said...


Thank you for your comment: "Even if English is a foreign language"...ha ha! Sometimes it feels like it is! I do not like that it constantly changes with new expressions and have never adapted to the new answer to "How are you doing?" which is "I'm good."
Im not sure where that came from? We used to say, "Just fine, thank you."

I also never adapted to the semi-humorous, non-serious insults like "You are delusional" or "you are insane." I know it doesnt mean anything now, but it USED to be a terrible thing to say to anyone!

Feminine Belle said...

It never fails to amaze me what people will say. It was soo good to see you laugh about it. ( I was stunned... got to work on that! ) I believe laughing at something said in an ugly way really disarms most people. I believe it shows we do not take ourselves to seriously as a child of God, but like Jesus, defend ourselves if need to.

What a wonderful example of the movie Gigi!!!

Your story reminded me years ago when helping with a VBS group, one little girl told another little boy in the group his picture was ugly in front of other children as he colored. ( was shocked for a moment cause I knew her parents) I quipped looking at the picture," I don't know about that, but I think it is beautiful because blue and orange are complimentary colors."

I hope we all have our moment in *blessing one another* no matter how small it might be.

ps. Had to actually go back to the video and re-listen to what this person said to you. I think it was your laugh I enjoyed the most.

Christine said...

We love you just the way you are!❤️

gracielynn's said...

Love the 'mistakes' and all.
Thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

( wonder why you aren't looking at US tho..
kind of distracting for me ..)

Dianne said...

I love your unedited, natural videos. They are warm and inviting. Thank you for these gentle words of wisdom.

Laura Jeanne said...

This is an older video, Lydia, but I just listened to it today. I guess I'm just going to slowly go through all of your older videos now that I have a way to listen to them, to expect to get lots of comments from me in the next little while! :)

I really liked this one about keeping a stable mind and I think I may listen to it again. Regarding what you said about needing to pay every morning, even though God already knows what we need: I personally believe that God is an absolute gentleman. Free will is sacred to Him and He won't intrude on anyone's life unless he or she asks Him to. So in my mind, praying each morning is to give God permission to be at work in my life that day. I try to pray every morning and give over my day to God, but there are mornings that are just too hectic and it doesn't get done...you'd better believe I notice a difference when I pray. In fact I recently started getting up a little bit earlier to ensure I had time to pray every morning, no matter what.

God bless you, dear Lydia, for sharing so much of your wisdom and experience with us through these videos.

Joyful noise said...

Lydia I enjoy all of your videos, you are so candid and transparent, we need this in these crazy times. You're like a fresh breeze. I always glean from your Godly wisdom. God bless you abundantly and also the ladies on this page.