Wednesday, July 04, 2018

On the 4th

Hello Dear Ladies,

Today people are enjoying a day off for family and friends to appreciate their country.  We have been treated to a day in a national forest, and have enjoyed it so much!

When I first began blogging, the British used to send me funny emails every 4th of July, about how they lost the colonies. I like the quote in Poldark. When asked, "How did we lose the colonies?" He replied, "By being on the wrong side!"  I have not heard from my British constituents in many years. I hope they are not still cross with us, because the Americans are very enamored with the British, and there are no hard feelings that I know of.

The forest is full of daisies.

I didnt get a photo of the water pump that the grandchildren happily pumped to get me a cup of cold water.

As I walked along a trail I picked a bouquet of wild roses, yarrow, daisies, columbine, and sage.

I carried it around the rest of the time I was there, and planted some of it around here when I got home.

above: with the bouquet and the stream in the background. I puddle jumped on the rocks to the other side. 

 I quite liked the shallow creek:
There were other people there from church, who go up there to camp on the 4th of July week.  I never understand why these people who already live in the country, or have a house in the forest, go camping in these places. I live in the country on farmland, and when it comes to a holiday, I stay home, because I feel I am already "camping" out here.  Everyone leaves to a campground, and there is not one tractor or truck making noise on the road past my home. So actually I have a quieter vacation than the campers, who often cluster together with their pets and their fires, etc.  They come home the worse for wear.

On the positive side, the church members being there camping made it possible for us to go visit them, and Mr. S. really enjoyed meeting the men and talking about people they knew from all over the states and the rest of the world.

The trail through the forest is a "good stretch of the legs."

Orange columbine growing wild.

I think this was a giant crop of Queen Anne's Lace by the side of the highway on the way back. I regretted I didn't make a dress to "go with" all this wild scenery. I have made up my mind to do better.

Back home, we enjoyed the sunset:

I cannot quit without including a 19th century painting of a lady outdoors. Instead of thinking what a pity it is we aren't in an era where women wear lovely clothing outside (and inside) , I tried to dress for the forest ;-)." It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness!" Or, better to plant a seed and cultivate a plant than to be upset at drabness around  us!

Every time you dress nicely it gives other people the courage and the idea to do so. 

I will try to find the name and artist for this and post it. 

So now here are some notes about our day trip to the mountain forest:

Mr. S. told me he wanted to drive a road that would shorten the trip by an hour, so I eagerly agreed. I did not anticipate the winding, curvy old road and the irregular elevation would make me feel dreadfully ill!  Yes, it did shorten the trip by an hour, but Mr. S. had to wait an hour  while I recovered from a terrible tummy and head ache.  Mr. S. said, "Just put it on my account of famous shortcuts."  I think that means he will "owe" me a more civilized trip somewhere later. His account is in the red.


becky said...

Lovely article and views from the forest. My husband and I live in the forest in a log cabin by a lake-so we don't camp at all. Most people spend a lot of $$ to do what we do everyday also. The downside is we cut our wood for heat -grow our food-so we need to relax more and enjoy this life-instead of focusing on the work.Bad habit of ours. Hey maybe I will tell hubby to get our little fishing boat out and go for a ride!!:)LOL!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Mr B once said let's take this's quicker up the mountain and we'll be closer to the place we need to be. Yeah. Switchbacks, single lanes to pass, and having to back up once or twice. Thank goodness I was sitting in the front of the truck and not in the camper. I am notorious for getting car sick. I can't sit in the back seat of any car or SUV.
The national park looks lovely. We don't go anywhere for the 4th...too many people and too much noise. I'll be comforting the dog till well after midnight.

Janet W. said...

Oh my , that Queen Ann's Lace is beautiful. Would you mind sharing how tall it was?
A few years ago I saw some plant in the forest that resembled what appeared to be giant Queen Ann's Lace. So glad I was not close enough to pick it. Turns out that stuff is really Hogg Weed and is highly toxic, will cause blistering of the skin and total blindness if it gets in your eyes. The blisters leave deep scars on the skin also.

Glad your day was peaceful. The creeks, flowers and your photos were so beautiful.

I like taking a motion sickness pill, a seaband, or seasick patch along on curvy roads. Don't enjoy motion sickness at all.
Thank you for this pleasant post and Happy Independence Day to you.
Janet Westrup

Dianne said...

Such beautiful photos of both the terrain and you, Lydia!! I so agree about trying to dress nicely no matter where we are. Sometimes it seems as if even simply wearing a skirt, instead of pants or shorts, can bring a touch of femininity and lovlines to one's day. In recent years I have begun to wear skirts and dresses only and have discovered that I can do anything in a skirt just as easily as in pants. I love wearing dresses or skirts every day! Even though they are often simple in style, they make me feel prettier and more feminine (and are actually often much more 'forgiving' than slacks on this imperfect body!). :) Love all the things you share....thank you!

Lydia said...

Janet I do not know what that was but it was as tall as the car or more and I didnt touch it.

Dianne, I was going to show pictures of what I wore, down to the shoes and the leggings, on the national forest trip. It was biting cold in the shade and sweltering hot in the sun! I had a shawl, surprizingly it kept off the wind, which I am wearing in the 2nd photo. I'll try to add photos to this post.

Emmarinda said...

The forest looked beautiful and so did you! I, too, can sympathize with you regarding this "shortcut" business and other roadside follies. Glad to have stayed in the neighborhood yesterday and enjoyed an evening backyard barbecue at our daughter's house.

Feminine Belle said...

My husband can not stand crowds as well as he prefers the quiet dwellings of his home.

Something recently dawned on me, Mrs. S. My husband really *protects* his home as we do not have many friends as there have been less than 20 people over the years of us living here to ever come across the thresh hold into our home. He is doing God's work and this simple act has protected us from unsavory characters. I consider this a blessing, and one that took me a long time in order to appreciate.

Oh! speaking of appreciate. Would you please do an article on appreciation of little things? There was a pipe that broke in our home and we had to turn the water off and on daily in order to have it. I have never been so JOYFUL of seeing the repair man a week later!

I can understand what you were feeling about the car ride as our kids have the same issue. They usually get out their Game Boy's to direct their attention elsewhere for a *short cut* we know and take to a town we love to visit. I am sure they would have lent their games to help you out. Redirection helps they shared.

I would be curious to see if Mr. S takes you somewhere fun you enjoy, but would take a guess he won't be doing any more *shortcuts* is what he meant by his comment. (But, hey a girl can wish can't she?)

Hope this note made you smile and you are now feeling much better and this *shortcut* is all but a long faded memory.

Thank you for the reminder to dress for an outing no matter where, and look forward to the posting on your outfit to inspire.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with you, Lydia, and Dianne about wearing dresses and skirts for outings like this, as they do bring a nice touch of femininity to one's day! I always wear dresses and skirts, and I am always pleased to see other ladies wearing something pretty when we are out.

Lydia said...

Mr. S. loves the small things theme, and talks about it often. Maybe he can do a video speech about it...if I can catch him while he runs past.

Mr. S. "owes me", since twice now I've got sick on one of his short cuts. The last time, we had a guest from another country and he and my husband had to wait in the car while I was sick in the woods somewhere, but they did bring me water and some paper towels. I dont like freeways but they at least cut a straight line through the mountains!

I am getting my sewing sorted out and organized so I can begin the sewing for the "go with" outfits for a nearby waterfall, the beach and a few other places! Ive had the fabric stashed away for a couple of years and I want to sew it before it gets too old or I get too old!

Feminine Belle said...

Dear Mrs. Lydia,

As per Mr. S.'s small things theme, that would be perfect and would appreciate his view on it very much or anything else he cared to cover.

Had to chuckle about the *owes me* comment as I fully understand now. I do hope a nice trip for you is planned soon.

Will click on the notification of follow up comments so I will not miss if you happen to write me, or any other lovely comments others leave on your blog. There are some excellent wisdom shared here. Thank you for always being a lovely person in Christ. As for myself, I had to work through some details in my life before writing others once more. (and I certainly don't miss my terrible attitude!) My husband has told me I have changed so much this year. What I have discovered is sorely missing fellowship with wise people. I continue to work on myself daily with God's help and direction guiding and give all praise to Him. I only want to think on lovely things once more like it states in Galatians.

Thank you for the note, your time writing me, and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Here's to wishing you both a lovely evening.

Justme said...

Belated 4th July blessings to you. I am a lady from England who enjoys your blog immensely. Every American that I have met has been pleasant and charming with lovely manners! I am so hoping to visit the USA in the near future but am spoilt for choice with your wonderful landscapes. Best wishes from Worcestershire. Sally

Jaclyn Juliette said...

What lovely photos! Thank you for posting these! I always love checking in with you. I feel like I’m visiting a good friend!

Love, Jackie Juliette from NYC.

Kathy T. said...

I absolutely love your outfit, especially the aqua color. So pretty!

Lydia said...

Sally, Jaclyn, Kathy, Thank you for visiting! Kathy I shall drop by your site soon.

Anonymous said...

Lydia, it is always such a joy to visit your humble space. You looked lovely and the bouquet you picked was just so pretty. I have never seen an orange columbine, that was a treat. :)
I do agree with you in wearing dresses and skirts. I stopped wearing them for awhile and then realized how unhappy I felt .... I am now purchasing dress patterns to sew myself. Lovely wardrobe.
Blessings to your day....