Monday, July 23, 2018

Room of the Day 2 Living Room or Parlor

Hello Ladies, 

A commenter said she was not bored with my new gate so here I go posting it again like it was  a new pet! I've moved it to the front porch area so it will not look like it is abandoned, as I don't want any eager nearby farmers to help themselves, Smile. Do you see my porch area where the old concrete from 1960 has eroded? I call it my "ruins." Isn't that neat? I don't have to go see the ancient ruins of Rome. I have it all. You probably do, too! I have other ruins around here which I will photograph and share in another post.

While I was situating the sprinkler this morning I got a pretty good picture of the house. I am liking it better since I stopped wanting a Victorian house and started putting Victorian inspired things in it and around it.  One of my grandchildren swept the roof for us, and it does look so nice and fresh. It cheered me up considerably. I could have swept the roof myself but I'm "not allowed". That is a new phrase for us and we don't like it much but we do use it to our advantage: "Could you please clean this? We are not allowed." "Will you build me a new____? I am not allowed."

 This morning I have been on the go in the cool of the morning, since 6:30, watering the flowers, and setting the sprinkler in strategic brown areas of the lawns to green them up. I am having a
"Summer in the Country" tea in late August, and if the weather is dry and warm, there will be a few tables and chairs out there.  I am also still painting the bathroom. It has to be done in increments, because I don't want to wear myself out and not be able to load the dishwasher or hang the laundry outside. I was discussing this with someone the other day. She told me her husband could spend all day for several days just painting the house, but she had to stop and do a lot of other things.  For myself, I want to do some serious sewing, so I will be painting the rooms and the outside of the house in stages.

I like these battery candles from Dollar Tree, 2/$1.00. 

 Here is part of another "Room of the Day" while the walls are still light pink. I'm going to be changing this to "blush" by mixing two paints that were given to me.
 I have accented this room with a few hot pink accessories. This room is not much occupied except for Ladies Bible Class and company.


~ maria ~ said...

Such a lovely room Lydia... :) Thank you for sharing it and I don't mind photos of your gate either... maria

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Love the hot pink! It really pops out of the picture.
In the fall we are painting one of our living room walls yellow to brighten up the room. We have such odd angles that it's hard to get that part of the room bright. The fireplace is enclosed in black and grey stone and it is so cold. It's nearly the entire wall.
Warm and breezy here. Yesterday the wind was whistling, over 30 mph.We're in for a heat wave according to the forecasters.
Stay cool.

Lydia said...

Thank you ladies.

polka-dot peony said...

Giggled when I saw the gate. It is like an old friend now. :o) (thank you)

Your front room is looking great! Are you still on the ship?

That hot pink wheel barrow is looking a tad, uninhabited. Some travel size candy for the kiddos or perhaps a small yellow flower? I have always admired you for filling in empty spaces in a feminine way in which you do with your post, filling up our hearts with beauty.

I look forward to seeing your progress and adore your humor!

Thank you for making me smile today, Lydia.

Unknown said...

I Love the way you place your furniture.

anonymous said...

Those bright rose colored accents look fabulous with the soft pink walls and white furnishings. So pretty. Elegant things look so very pretty in your home,I love the way you decorate.
Janet Westrup

Willow said...

Your room looks so calm and inviting Lydia - yes, I have to do painting in short bursts, as I find it a bit tedious! I would rather be in my garden! Love the little gate too. We are having a serious ( for the uk) heatwave at the moment - temps reaching the low 30's and no rain in our area for at least 8 weeks now - everything is looking parched. We are just about keeping our vegetable plot going with daily watering.x

Lynn Maust said...

hoping you will do all or most of your rooms for us!

Vintage Ellen said...

I really appreciate the way you look at things as a positive. Others might fret about eroded cement but you choose to look at it a "ruins". Such a sunny outlook on life!

Dianne Plourde said...

I love your humor and the real way that you share some things that are less than perfect and are still 'works in progress'. :)

Sometimes when I am doing a chore that takes a while, no matter what it is, I need to go and do something else for a little bit! I totally understand about the bathroom painting! :))

dolores moore said...

I always enjoy visiting your home through pictures. Hobby Lobby has some pretty pink teapots in their store. As you know I live in Tennessee so the stores might have a different selection in each state. I believe it pleases our Lord to see His daughters being content within their own homes. Blessings

Lydia said...

Hello Dolores,

I have seen some tea cups and tea pots there at HL also some pretty cannisters (people dont use them much any more but i like the coorindated look they give a kitchen) however on looking at the bottom of the items I saw that they were not food safe and only decorative! I saw the travel trailer tea pot and want to get a better look at that and see if perhaps its a "real" one. I've seen the farm look decor HL is promoting now and most of it is not really for use in the kitchen, as it is decorative. however I did get a cook book stand there once and am looking for a utinsel holder so I can quit using the peanut butter jar!!! I will look again at their pink stuff and see if any is food usually says "decorative only"

Lydia said...

But you are right, the pink teapot at HL is actually for making tea! It is lovely, but it needs to go down half price or more, doesn't it!! Sometimes these things go 80% less.

Lydia said...

Ann, if there is a fireplace mantel you could add yellow things like potted plants with yellow pots and yellow blossoms, or any other thing you can find that would add to the yellow. However if it is a wall fireplace without or shelf or mantel, maybe figure out a way to hang a yellow wreath. I had one of those fireplaces and had to get someone put a special nail into the stone so I could hang something.


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