Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Room of the Day 3 Foyer

 Today I have been up quite early and moved the sprinklers to green-up some brown spots. I have pegged a load of laundry on the line and left one blouse with a stubborn stain that I tried every remedy on, to bleach in the sun.  I have swept some of the driveway and it looks ever so nice. I just have about 35 feet left to sweep, so I'm doing it a little at a time.

I have also prepared the entry way (foyer) for a picture. In a little while, the walls will be painted another color and there will be an entire new look and new mood. It is going to be a blush pink and I am looking forward to trying different fabrics that I already have,  to go with, for cushions and other things.

I am looking for a very large round plastic tray to put under this metal coat rack to catch drips.

This is a little space on the inside of the front door.. Would it not be lovely to have a stair case there?  There is no upstairs floor, but I could be like Sarah Winchester and put one there anyway.

Yesterday while Mr. S. did some printing across the street at an office supply store, I walked around Hobby Lobby and bought this. It was half price so it was only $3.00...

 ...and it is already on the wall at the entry:
I should have shown the "before" picture, a plate that had been there 25 years and looked worse for wear.

Of course there has to be one more picture of the (useless) gate:

Today I have also loaded the dishwasher, cleaned out the fridge (we keep very little inside of these days and I clean it every day in some way.)  My motto is "Clean As You Go," and "Pick it Up, Don't Pass it Up," rather than wait for a cleaning day. 

At last, I finished this project: painting a change-table. 

It works great in the guest room for visitors with infants, and also serves as blanket storage or a place for books. I haven't investigated to see what people are doing with these old change tables to make them useful in other ways: entry tables to put bags and purses on, etc?  What else?

I am halfway finished painting the bathroom. I began that project a week ago and just haven't had a chance to continue, due to other things that had to be done.  

I hope the weather stays dry so I can begin painting on the outside of the house.

At least the sewing is laid out on the cutting table to remind me to get going on it. 

Like Mrs. Gibson said to Molly, "You look quite done in!"

You are all probably busy, too.  It is important to me to keep moving while I am feeling good, before winter comes, and while I have the energy and the enthusiasm. 

In response the comments about the teapots at Hobby Lobby:  Some of them are actually to be used, but I did see some of the tea cups that were for decor only. It is important to read what is on the underside of the tea pot and tea cup at HL to see if it is intended for drinking from or using to make tea. It may not be made of food safe materials. 

I looked at  this one and took off the lid. It has a very wide opening so the teapot can be cleaned easily., but it was very heavy. It is probably not porcelain or bone china. Add a full pot of hot water and you have a very heavy thing to lift and pour. I've got weak wrists and this would not suit me, although I like the color.  I will not be buying this because it was too heavy.
I looked inside the caravan teapot but the opening was not large enough to retrieve the tea bag or clean the pot. 
 They were all very high priced but sometimes things go on sale for as much as 80% less.
These are the teacups at Hobby Lobby, but it says right on them that they are for planters or decor only and not to drink out of. They are not food safe.

I found the suggestion form and sent one in to Hobby Lobby asking if they might consider providing a section in their store especially for decorating fireplace mantels.  Would  it not be pleasant to have an aisle of the store with fireplace mantels and all the seasonal things that go on them?


Polly said...

I love the wicker chairs! It takes me back to my childhood because the furniture in our living room was actually white wicker. My mother owned that set until it literally fell completely apart, but I've always loved the look of it. So pretty, feminine, and cheerful.

Lydia said...

The wicker does wear out eventually. As mine gets older I am replacing it with vinyl so it can be washed. Wicker was made from packing straw, a natural fiber that could be woven into furniture.

Tammy said...

You could use the changing table as a tea or coffee staging area, with cookbooks and other rarely used items underneath. Blanket storage is a great idea, as is using it in the foyer for bags and shoes and whatnot. Great looking pics!

Janet Westrup said...

I so enjoy appreciate the decorating spirit you have, never a dull corner.
I have an idea for your changing table. Have your husband attach some small casters or wheels to the bottom of the legs and a handle with decorative brackets to one end and you have a lovely tea cart for delivering goodies to the tea table from the kitchen. There you have it everything in one trip instead of multiple trips going back and forth carrying a few things.
Those adorable tea pots can be used for holding small arrangements of flowers for the tea table. I think a few short stems of roses would be so nice. Set the lid beside the teapot for a pretty accent. I've seen it in decorator magazines.
Janet Westrup

Shani said...

Good morning,
My suggestion for the change-table echoes Tammy's and Janet's: tea/coffee service stand. In addition, have you thought of a planter drip tray for underneath your jacket/umbrella stand? They are usually reasonably priced at the home improvement stores, but I've also seen them in Hobby Lobby and other places. They come in a wide variety of sizes.
Love your gate. :)

Lynn Maust said...

I really like Janet's suggestion for the changing table....that would be perfect. And I hope you paint your house yellow....

polka-dot peony said...

Ah me, a new pet! What will gate think? I was laughing as soon as I saw that picture of ol' pet and already my morning is off to a great start!

The first teapot looks allot like mine except it is red. Yes, it is heavy, but it should have a removeable strainer. ( mine does) I tend to make a large batch of tea in it using the microwave, then cool and store in frig. I have to use both hands myself to lift it but it keeps allot of tea on stand by when ever I want my pumpkin spice tea.๐Ÿ˜„

The tea is purchased from the Bulk Herb store online. They (ever so sadly) are goin out of business. Their teas are so good. Perhaps you or maybe others might recommend another place in which to purchase tea?

My husband wanted to wish you a good morning. He enjoys hearing me laugh and knows I MUST be readin one of Lydia's post.๐Ÿ˜‰

Something I started doing is putting a time down for my chores. I am hoping it will keep me better organized through out the day. Anyone else do this? Has it helped?

I hope you and other ladies are are havin an awesome morning!!

Lydia said...

On Pinterest there were a few re-purposed changed tables: desks, bathroom shelves for towels, kitchen island for paper plates, napkins, and storage, back porch garden center with sink to wash vegetables, and a front porch plant holder, which looked very nice. It will be a good sewing room shelf, too. In a guest room (where I have it) it provides a very sturdy place to park luggage (bags) and shopping bags, and other things.

Lydia said...

When the teapots are heavy to lift (even without the tea) they may have too much lead in them or made of something that is really not good for food. I dont think tea tastes as good as in the porcelain ones or the lightweight ceramic or bone china.

polka-dot peony said...

Intetesting point about the teapot. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿด

...goodness I hope not (lead based) my family purchased it for me 3 years ago!๐Ÿ˜จ

Outside right now it feels like this!!๐ŸŒ‹๐Ÿ“ˆ

Lydia said...

I do not know for sure about that pink one, but it was too heavy for me to hold up with one hand, so I declined it. ;-) None of my other teapots are that heavy, so I wondered about the materials.


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