Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Through the Garden Gate

Today I am sharing a garden gate that I found. The spray paint was the main expense, and Mr. S. had to find his box of "supplies"* to help me get it to balance and stay together. He just happened to have  old metal things that served to anchor the gate into the ground, which can be removed when we mow. We tried to fix the latch but not many things stick to wrought iron, so in the end I painted two clothespins white for closing the gate. 

I had that old plastic wreath in the donation box to take to Goodwill, and I got it out again for this picture.

I thought the grandchildren would enjoy opening the gate and walking through it and closing it again. They like to play that they are visiting. Isn't that funny? Because they are! But that is our special humor around here. 

You can't see it very well here, as it is only small when viewed from a distance. Perhaps tomorrow I can get a better picture and post it here. 

I hate to tell you what my next project is, while the weather is dry outside, because you probably would not want me to do it. However I figured out how to manage it without a chair or a ladder or a step stool.

I am getting a little more organized and have managed in all the chaos to at least keep the room clean that is nearest the front door. I'm glad it was all neat and tidy because yesterday a realtor came by the house to let us know the property next to ours was for sale and he wanted to give us first chance to buy it before he put it on the market. Ha! That's funny too! We must look like we are rich!  And wouldn't I love to buy it!  I would have to sell all my wrought iron garden decor, and more! I hope someone buys the house next door, who likes it out here, and doesn't broadcast too much noise.

*I am sure you were waiting to find out about the repair supplies Mr. S. always has on hand. Over the years the children, grandchildren and grownups have made fun of his collection, but he was always there for us with something when we needed it. We never had to buy string, duct tape, miniature bungee chords, wire twist ties, old metal, nails, and I can't recall what else. Mr. S. had them. 

Today we have being working on the yard and trying to beat back the wilderness. If we did not do anything, the trees and grass and vines would take over! Mr. S. put on a thick pair of gloves and trimmed the holly trees.

  We had a dramatic sunset at the end of the day and I felt like we were away on holiday. 

For those who asked, my front door view is west. My kitchen is east.  If I were to have a house built, I would situate it at an angle so that the sun does not come directly in to either room at such a strength as it does when it faces directly west and east.

We are entering a season of noisy nights, as the harvesting equipment will be going all night long. Farming areas are interesting because the land is so flat that a tractor can be driven in the dark and never run into anything. They do have lights, though.


Janet W. said...

Hi Lydia,
I'm so impressed that your lawn still looks lush and green. Ours is all dry.
Oh your gate is ever so pretty. I know how much you like garden fences and gates. Your yard looks well attended. I hope the children enjoy it and your big shade trees.
Enjoy the summer and family,

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures of your everyday life. I enjoyed reading your letter today it gave me joy.

Lydia said...

Janet, I have been moving the sprinkler all day and trying to keep it green around the house. The fire department recommends it. And also we had a visitor from another country who said he was impressed we didn't have gates and fences all over the place, not even between neighbors.

Dolores, I dont like to take pictures of dry land but I noticed on Pinterest there are a lot of outdoor picnic and tea pictures in high summer with the hay in the background, like it is here.

Feminine Belle said...

Thank you for sharing how your house sits. My kitchen is full East from the kitchen as well, but I really enjoy watching the sun come up and track its movement when the seasons begain to change. It is in the back room in the west and bothers no one. Thick curtains help!!

I thought of you today as I cut back my house weight as well. Have some seasonal items I love to routate out. Now it feels like I am in a new house! 😄

We keep a charity box in one of the closets so we can add clothes and items. It seems to save time as well.

Here's to being able to sew, knit, crochet, craft or enjoy some tea and a good book!!🙆☕