Sunday, July 22, 2018

Room of the Day Guest room #1

It is always a great gift to get up in the morning and have ONE room neat, clean and organized. This is a spare room, although not always so spare, and usuallly occupied!  I took pictures of things in it because I acquired them all BEFORE Hobby Lobby started replicating them, and I got many of these things 40 or more years ago, and before they were mine, they were already quite old!  
Above: this neat little knob came from one of the first Walmarts back in the 1970's, and I used it to hang a clothes hanger with the next day's outfit, like laying out your clothes for the next day. It is lightweight metal. I've seen these lately at HL but they are very heavy cast iron or plaster. I wish I had got two of these. They were under $5.00 at the time!

Over the years when I have grown tired with it all, I have attempted selling some of these things in yard sales, but no takers, because the clientele  was not sophisticated enough! (smile) They didn't see a future trend!

I have this old rack, and have painted it several times.  My next color will be mint green. The reason I do not have anything in it, is because I dont want something else to dust or clean (like plates). Towels might look good in it.

Do you remember back in the 70's when Target stores first began selling home interior type things? That is where I got this cottage picture, and it was in a pink wood frame.  I have reflected the picture with the cottage teapot Mr. S. got for me at a thrift store. He likes to go in Goodwill and used goods places for unused office supplies, of which there are plenty. When the computers came along, offices discarded file holders, unopened packs of paper, envelopes, etc. and now he has them. All of them, I think.  And we laugh about it but he is the one that has it when we need it!

Above: hand sewn dyed cotton curtain, tied with ribbon and pinched back with clothespins.

The bed came from Mr. S. Parents house, but they bought it already used. It's a platform style with the Beauty rest mattress, well preserved.

I need to get some more pictures of this room. It has some things in it from 19__ (ahem). 

You may have observed the almost monochromatic color scheme in this room. It is a very small room and I discovered the one color makes the room seem larger.

It is painting season here, indoors and outdoors, and that is why I have not sewn very much. However, today, I hope to be doing that if I can resist the temptation to spray paint something. It is hard to ignore the outdoors and settle down in the sewing room, but I have worn out everything and it is time to begin again with a new wardrobe. I am very good at finding locations to model a home sewn dress, but not very good at getting the project finished during the season when it would look the best.

Someone asked me to share my house keeping routine so I will try to share that sometime. 


Lynn said...

It was very nice to have a brief tour of some places in your home....and yes, put rolled towels on that wall rack.

Unknown said...

Lydia I enjoyed seeing pictures of your home. I can see your heart in every room. I purchased 2 black doorknobs from Hobby Lobby several years ago. I hang my pretty kitchen aprons on them. I feel that gives my aprons a vinage look. I pray your day be blessed.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia... I am so enjoying these posts! Thank you for sharing them... it is making me see my little cottage in a brand new light :)

Feminine Belle said...

Ah, I remember the days in which I used un-waxed dental floss to tie up some simple lace curtains purchased at Wally World because I wanted a swag like the high fashion home magazines. Mother Necessity. Where would we be?

Still have the picture of them in the background of a rent home with us poised in-front of the fireplace in our first year of marriage. :o)

(poking fun at myself)

Cracked voice: Old me is just so proud of younger self! (sniff, sniff)