Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mid Summer

 While I usually think of Harvest as being well into the autumn, around here it is in the middle of the summer.  Today the harvesters built a castle for our view.
 This morning I awoke to this scene of a tractor fleet (they all match), but no signs of people anywhere. It was an unusual sight, seeing that most of the tractors were already loaded with hay bales.

I was told that these are old maple trees on the lawn. They aren't the kind that produce the famous syrup.

I have been keeping water on the lawn all day. Actually in most places out here the water is free, but it is the electric pump in the well-house that costs the money. The fire department recommends keeping the area around the house green. I see a couple of dry patches in the photo so I will be busy setting the sprinklers in the right spots today. SInce we do not have the expense of a vacation in summer, the watering of the grass is our special treat. It makes us feel we are living in a resort!

My gate is so flimsy and light-weight I can carry it with one hand and plop it in a new location. The view of the farmers at work through the garden gate makes the gate look pretty good ;-)

While working on a post about how to avoid "rashness" or being rash, I gave up. I thought it sounded too rash. But, I might divulge some of it. I need to think about it a little longer, first. That's the first rule about avoiding rashness.

The lightweight gate reminds me of the people taunting the builders in Nehemiah: "A little fox can break that weak wall down."  If a squirrel runs over the gate, I'm certain the whole thing will fall over. But it was worth the spray paint to get a pretty thing in the yard. And, as I said in the previous post, Mr. S. enjoyed finding all his little repair things to put it together. 

I hope you all are enjoying your garden area this year.


Janet W. said...

Lydia, I enjoy your posts so much.
Your gate is so pretty and ornate. Thank you for sharing. I love that your grandchildren enjoy using their imaginations while playing with it.
Janet Westrup

Dianne said...

What a beautiful place to live, with fields around you like that! The garden gate is really a pretty accent piece. I love your idea that it might be a nice 'prop' for the grandchildren's imaginations. :)

Lynn said...

Neat fleet! Beautiful old tree, too!

Lynn said...

It is also of interest that the fire company says to keep the grass watered. And yes, the hay bales do remind one of a castle!

living from glory to glory said...

Oh, You made me smile!! Love the little white gate, you will have a ball finding new and interesting ways to place and use it in the garden and your yard! Love the view so much!!
Keep watering as it will keep us busy... LOL
Hugs, Roxy

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures of your home. Our homes are apart of our hearts. Blessings

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

It looks like an invasion of John Deere tractors! Is it very noisy when they are out in the fields working? I remember seeing the combines at my grandma's farm when I was little. They traveled from farm to farm in Wisconsin doing the extra work.
Green lawns....that's something we don't see much of now.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your posts and I love your cute little gate. Your yard looks like an oasis of calm amid the busy-ness of the harvest. Blessings,