Friday, January 16, 2015

A Little Walk

Out for a walk, as the weather is changing from very cold to tropical. Of all the new houses I have seen, this is my favorite. If you click the picture you can get a closer view of the iron fretwork and the porch.  Brick driveways and streets are common in this neck of the woods.

I was not going to do fences this year but I like the old painted wire fences and gates.

A neighborhood street.

Adobe hacienda style.

Retainer wall ares are never dull.

The curved driveway embellished with great landscaping.

I had to bring up a previous picture of these outside shades.

View of the ocean peeking through as I walked over a hilly area.

A gauze cotton outfit I found at a yard sale.  
I have not felt well and had to take time out to rest.

It is lovely to have all these photos but what is missing are the scents and sounds that go with them.  I might be aple to capture the sounds, but the combination scent of leaves and flowers is something impossible to share. It is a mixture of eucalyptus, tea tree, jasmine, oleander and roses, with hot sun! I am looking for these scents in various home and body products. Some of my hostesses have the most send-the-senses hand-wash and hand lotions in their bathrooms.

I went to spotlight today, a fabric warehouse.


anonymous said...

Lydia, your photos are so delightful.
I really enjoyed the houses and the white painted wire fence. My great-grandmother had one just like that around her home in La Mesa,California. In her day every home in town had chickens running loose in the yard behind those fences. I have a photo of myself at two years, chasing her hens.

I can tell what the scent of the eucalyptus tree and the oleander flowers smell like and they are as vivid to the sight of them as if I were standing under them in my grandmother's yard back in the 1950's. Thank you for sharing and bringing back some great memories.
Janet Westrup.

vintage ellen said...

The rose fabric looks similar to one you used for some dresses you made. Very pretty. I love picking up small pieces of fabric when I'm on a trip. A nice souvenir that doesn't need to be dusted! Having a "do-nothing" day while away on a trip is always helpful. Being away from home always tires me out. Take care.

Barbara said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I assume it's summertime there, so you can enjoy the foliage we don't have in Colorado in January.

The gauze dress you found is beautiful!

Julian said...

I enjoyed the fence, flowers, and ocean view. The fabric is pretty, I'm a lover of roses:) . Hope you can get some rest.

Susan said...

I am sorry that you are not feeling well, but it's nice that you have such a lovely place to rest and relax. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I understand scents and smells, especially near the ocean. I have lived in many places and they each have their own particular smell. I put eucalyptus oil in a vaporizer in the winter to keep the air moist and add a pleasant scent to the house.
I wonder which one of those lovely rose fabrics you will be carrying home with you?

Alex said...

I would love to hear the unusual birds and smell those scents ~
very pretty walk and love the roses fabrics : )
Feel better soon, Lady Lydia, and have had such a demanding time.
God bless you.

Unknown said...

Praying you feel better soon dear sister. I love the pictures of the fabric warehouse...what a delight for the eyes all those beautiful colors and designs. I also like the fence picture. Blessings be upon you - Kelly

Finding Joy said...

I visit Spotlight a couple of times each year when they have their 40% discount sale and I can pick up some excellent bargains.

Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling too well, I hope the fresh air and sunshine is helping.