Saturday, January 24, 2015

Softly and Tenderly

Please click on the arrow on the picture above and listen to the beautiful singing.

I was quite encouraged while waiting in the Melbourne airport at Tullamarine, by the beautiful instrumentals playing distinctly the songs "Softly and Tenderly,",  "I Come to the Garden Alone," "Lord I'm Coming Home" and "Precious Memories."

I got homesick for Hobby Lobby. ;-)  It sounded like the same playlist, and had the same calming effect.


Tennessee Walker said...

Hello Lydia,
So glad you have made it home safely...know you are glad to be back. Was wondering why you did not show any posts about your mother's wake or funeral, burial, etc.??? Or, maybe I missed it. I love your blog and read faithfully. Thanks!

Lydia said...

I did not put personal family matters , details of events with them or pictures regarding the funeral on this public blog, nor any reunion dinners, because of privacy issues. It is also not safe to publish flight numbers, accommodation locations, or specific details that might involve other people. I also did not post the departure or return date.

anonymous said...

Welcome home Lydia,
I am so glad you're back again.
Hope your trip to reconnect with family has brought you some peace.

What a sweet memory leaving Australia to hear such heavenly hymns as you depart for home again. Its as though the Lord was saying that he had taken care of all and for you to rest in his arms. What a confirmation of his provision.

Janet Westrup.