Friday, January 09, 2015

Olde Towne

We arrived a few hours ago and already have been out and around town taking pictures of old buildings: the old post office, court house and other government buildings.

The dates of origin are etched into these beautuful brick and stone structures. I do not know if the one who built them ever imagined they would be used for boutiques and antiques and cafés a hundred years later.  It is nice they are being put to good use because we get to go inside and see them.

Enjoying the 19th century architecture. In Victoria, people refer to themselves as Victorians, so I have to use the term "19th Century" as a historical reference.

The weather is dismal but I am taking pictures and getting a much out of the day as I can. 

We are staying at a guest house owned by someone I grew up with. She still seems as young as the day I met her. We both have the same number of children and grandchildren and have been married the same number of years.

          A few scenes inside her guest house.

A couple of Angela's antiques.

If you go to Angobys be sure to mention you saw their business card here. 

A few more views of her newts teacup.

Now for some houses in the neighborhood.

Looks like this one has a guest.

It is cold and windy, foggy, rainy here, just like home.

Angela and I knew each other when we were teenagers because our parents were friends when we all lived in Tasmania. Her mother told her she must make friends with me because I was a foreigner and she knew I would be lonely.  She and I are the same age, married the same amount of years and have the same number of children and grandchildren, and share the same religious values. One of her children has 6 children who are being homeschooled.

We are in the ruby room

A few things have turned red since I last saw them


Finding Joy said...

You have some very heavy rain in your region all weekend but I do hope you do see some summery weather during your stay. Lovely pictures - I do love those old buildings, such character.

Susan said...

It's so nice to see that you made the trip ok and you are staying in the company of friends. I hope the weather improves a little for you so you can enjoy the beach. The pictures are lovely and your room looks cozy. You are in my thoughts here in the States.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

So glad you and your husband arrived in Victoria safely. May God comfort you as you deal with the loss of your mother and may your time with your family there be peaceful and love filled.

Barbara said...

I'm glad to read of your safe arrival in Victoria. Your pictures are a feast for my eyes since I doubt I will ever travel to Australia. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. I hope all the arrangements for your mother's funeral go smoothly.

Alex said...

Bless you, Lady Lydia, may your trip to Victoria bring you some comfort and interest, in this trying time.

Ms.Tierra said...

I'm so glad you are making the most of your trip by writing to us, and taking pics. I told my husband about my online friend (you) and showed him some of the pictures on this post. It is supposed to rain and snow here in Austin today!!~Stay encouraged

anonymous said...

So many great photos, not sure which are my favorites.

Thank you for sharing them and some of your trip with us.
Still praying for you and your family for comfort and peace.

Enjoy your family.

Blessings, Janet Westrup.