Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Persia's Food

This so a continuation of the previous post. Persian food is fresh. Persian yogurt is used for a dip or salad dressing. 
This is a table of pre-dinner snacks with Persian flatbread and yogurt for dipping, plus nuts and vegetables, sliced cold meats and ricotta cheese. "I want you to eat this while I cook the dinner, and at dinner, I want you all to eat like wolves."

Our hostess has visited The Persian community in Los Angeles, and said it was like being in Persia.

I hope you have peace in your lives as you guard your homes.



Mrs. Cote said...

That looks like a delicious meal! It reminds me of my visit to Egypt some years ago. The food was very tasty and the people were very warm. My first morning there I woke up and my hosts had prepared a banquet across the table just for me!

Rachel and Family said...

I have REALLY enjoyed these Persian posts! Thank you for sharing! The food looks delicious and thoughtfully prepared. The decor and dishes are making me covet!, lol!

Unknown said...

When my husband and I ate at the home of a friend of his...they are from Pakistan...our Persian meal was so huge. We ate her appetizers before and honestly I was full before we ever ate the meal. They are definitely most generous and hospitable.