Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Light of the Home


These pictures are from Tea Time magazine website, which features a red table setting...

...and a mauve setting, complete with fresh flowers. Flowers are so expensive, but you can always buy just one single blossom, or find things for free outside. These days there are so many restrictions from picking even wildflowers by the side of the road that it is worthwhile to plant your own, or have small pots of flowering plants.  I like to get primroses for a dollar in a pot, and use them for centerpieces when I need fresh flowers. 

The most important thing is tasty, nutritional fresh food.

Here are some books I have been reading, which I shall add more about as soon as I can, so be sure and check back.
Light of the Home can be ordered here .

You can look for a cheaper price than the one quotes.  I have not finished this book yet and will add more details about the content later on today.

I have just returned from Shop of Shalom, a Christian variety store out in the country and have bought these two books, so after I finish reading them, will add more about them. If you have already read them, please comment.


Homemaker's Heart said...

Hello Lydia~
I have read her other book Be Your Own Doctor. It has become my go to book because most of the suggestions are things that you have in your home. Like the center part of an onion in the ear with a warm wet wash cloth over it to sooth an earache. Or cayenne for chest pain and potentially alleviating problems from a stroke or heart attack. Buys time until help gets there. Fascinating! Thanks for the reminder about the Back Yard Pharmacy. I look forward to what you think about it, I don't have that one yet.

Thanks for sharing.

Lydia said...

So far I have only read the chapter on Queen Ann's Lace. It was quite helpful so I am looking forward to other chapters.

Unknown said...

Hello, I have just recently discovered your blog, and so I have been going back and reading old posts. I am soo enjoying them. Shoppe of Shalom!!! How many times I have been there myself. My sister lives only about 5 miles from there!

Lydia said...

It is possible I met you once. Your name sounds familiar.