Friday, January 09, 2015


The temperature is warming up and the sunlight makes things so much nicer, so I am taking pictures of flowers today.

I still have a fetish for the fences here and will be taking pictures of a variety of them.

More old stone houses, and a decorative iron fence.

The house from a distance, showing the chimneys.

Four o'clocks, just like home.

This is for sale. I wonder what happened to the steps up to the door.

Look how much these cottages cost. Most of all look at the style of the roof.  I like fences here but I am really enjoying the roofs so you will likely see an entire post with pictures of roofs.

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anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,

such pretty flowers and lovely old buildings. They just don't make them this beautiful anymore.

Thanks for sharing.

Janet Westrup.