Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tea Break

Raspberry, Strawberry tea has a refreshing, summertime scent.

Quilts made with a fleece backing.

Unique quilting design on each blanket:


Sparykys9 said...

I really like the star quilting used. I am getting ready to start a quilt for our baby, due to arrive in late July. We won't be finding out what gender the baby is, and stars are neutral. Thanks for posting!

SharonR said...

I love the quilts! What a clever way to make some quick quilts.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

That kangaroo quilt is adorable. When I was pregnant with both my children, I hand sewed quilts for each of them. My sons finally fell apart when he was about 26. My daughters is tucked away in a drawer.
The table setting was very pretty.

Rachel and Family said...

You just minister to my heart over and over again! I appreciate all of your pictures and snippets you share. I appreciate your maturity in the way you teach and I go back over your teachings often. Thank you!

Finding Joy said...

I do like the kangaroo fabric, I wonder what it is called so I can buy some. I am currently making a mug rug for a cousin for her birthday. They are such fun to make.