Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whatever is Lovely

Today I am sharing the latest paintings of Susan Rios, an artist in California. You can view the  paintings at her Etsy store here:

Consider adding florals in vases or paintings to your home. The other day when I was in a Grocery store I saw some very appealing bouquets in the florist department of the store. The price of course was very high, but I was able to duplicate the flowers with Dollar Tree velvet roses that I already had.


Unknown said...

These are beautiful. I enjoy Susan Rios paintings...they are one of a kind and amazing.

Lydia said...

Her art is fresh and youthful. I like the soft colors and the themes are sweet and simple.

Unknown said...

I think she is the one artist who paints things that I find so endearing. Cozy chairs in a garden, teacups. I especially appreciate that her painting of ladies are so feminine and soft. How women ought to be.