Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Encouraging Note

One of my hostesses, a long-time friend,  displays the thank-you cards she finds left for her when the guests have departed.

I know someone who displays cards she has received, showcasing them a ledge on a wall in her house.  I had not done that in so long because if the door was opened, a blast of wind would knock the cards down. These days there are all kinds of display gadgets to help you show your cards.  

I think if you have the cards out and you are ever feeling like you have no friend in the world, you can see that display and recognize that others care about you.

"It is so nice to feel appreciated," she says. "It gives me a feeling of well-being."

Thank you for sharing these cards and letters with me on my blog!

She read these notes aloud to me.

Click on the picture to get a closer view.

I would enjoy having these cards to send,  or getting one, wouldn't you?  It is frameable art not found in the States, and I did not buy any here.

Last night I did some research on thank you notes and read people's comments about what they write when they leave a note. Their spontaneous and heartfelt gratitude expressed in writing was so nice.

My friend also recommended a book by Constance Spry to help in all social situations. Even the most shy person can be confident when applying the principles she espoused. I certainly wish I had read it before I guested in so many places, because I sure made my share of blunders!

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Unknown said...

I love getting beautiful e-cards and cards in the mail. I feel like regular mail is a lost art and should be revived. Getting that special note in the mail brightens one's day. I often save cards just because they are also beautiful art to me.