Wednesday, January 14, 2015

True Riches

As I have not taken any pictures yet on this rainy day, I want to share a quote by someone named Bernhard Thuersam, , sent to me yesterday by an email friend:

"Aristocracy was then gauged by manners and morals, and not by the size of the bank account, as I fear is too much the case today. Far more time was spent in cultivating the graces and charms of life than in amassing fortunes. They realized that “Manners are of more importance than money and laws” – for manners give form and color to our lives. They felt, as Tennyson said, “Manners are the fruit of lofty natures and noble minds.”

Those of you who were taught the way of truth were likely told something similar: that true riches are acquired through attributes other than money.  When time permits I will add to this post, and of course, your comments are welcome.


Lynn said...

Well said!

Christine said...

Lady Lydia,
This is such an important truth. I was brought up with good manners, and they have stood me in good stead for many years.
I feel we can all benefit by your reminder, and oh howI wish more people today still ascribed to the importance of refined manners and civility.


Mrs. Cote said...

I also wish more people believed this way. People put a lot of effort putting on the "right" clothes going into debt through credit cards but open their mouths with terrible speech. I'm grateful my mother took the time to teach and demonstrate manners and refined speech. It can be worth more than a college degree to know how to carry oneself well in public.