Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sassafrass and Mile High

Today I will just post pictures and try to remember where they were taken.  We went to Sassafras today and Mile High where there is a lookout.

Melbourne from Mile High. Population 4 million.

It is hard to take pictures while in a car going past, but I was interested in the old storefronts as we passed through Melbourne.

Of course we went to Miss Marples Tea Room and had a wonderful lunch with pots of tea.

The streets in Sasafrass were so crowded that I could not get a picture of the tea room. These are from the web.

This is the menu. I cannot believe that I forgot to take pictures of the tea food.

The tea shop was the next thing on the menu and the following are photos of the unique tea pots.  Customers have to indicate what item they want, and an employee gets one in a box, leaving the display item on the shelf.  Customers do not walk around carrying an armload of teacups. They just point to the item and someone fetches it from the back room, so the displays are like visiting a museam.

Note the caravan teapots, below. 

We to other  villages  further on up the Dandening Mt. - Ferntree Gully and Olinda. I got so wrapped up in the scents and the busyness of these places I forgot to use my camera, but got two pictures inside a shop.

I had been to this shop about 18 years ago and was enchanted to see so much of the merchandise was still offered, the same brands, and types of things.

I would have liked to have this doll, but it was a hundred dollars. Angela took one look at it and said I could go home and sew one easily.

I tried to get a closer look at this pillow to see how it was made. Maybe some Rellie can take me to a fabric shop.

I like the way the Minky fabric is teamed with Sherpa for these blankets. I might be able to make these.

More pictures from the Sassafras tea shop:

Below: that pretty pot with the crown shaped lid caught my eye.

Agapanthus, which I saw a lot of,  in white and blue.

I hope you all have a lovely day across the pond, and I appreciate your kindness and your prayers and your lovely comments.


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SharonR said...

How beautiful! I remember when we lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, there was a tea shop in one of the malls. The novelty tea pots made me think of the tea shop. It didn't serve tea, just had tea sets and maybe tea. It's been almost 30 years ago. I don't think the shop is still there, or anywhere in Arkansas. Now that I can afford a set, I can't find another store like that one. Looks like a pretty spring there.

Susan said...

Your photos are a breath of fresh air over the pond. On the east coast we are in a deep freeze with high temperatures in the teens and we have more ice and snow coming tomorrow. I am ready for some blooming flowers! The shops are so lovely and I'm glad to see you are enjoying yourself. The variety of teapots is amazing. How could you ever choose just one? Thank you for taking the time to post your photos. I hope the weather remains nice while you are there.

Lydia said...

Susan, when I take pictures, I choose the ones I like, and do not have to find a place to put them at home.

Julian said...

Thankyou the tour was lovely! Christina

Alex said...

Glad you are enjoying the surroundings while you are there ~ it all looks interesting, and I think I would have fallen for the rows of graceful, individually coloured teacups and saucers. You showed great restraint!

Looking forward to hearing more, when you have time.

Lydia said...

The distraction is really helpful in a time like this.

Unknown said...

Oh my soul, this post has everything I love. I would just soak in all the sights and smells of Miss Marples. Your pictures are just delightful and a treat for the eyes.