Sunday, February 24, 2019

Whatever the Weather, Think Well!

"...And do you think well of her, Mr. Rokesmith?"

Ladies I'm not at all fond of Dickens, but found one of the books that I had to read in school in Tasmania back in the 1960's, had a few very memorable quotes. This morning as I was thinking of how to "think well" of the rain and wind, I remembered that quote from Our Mutual Friend.

Here is some more of it, from Chapter 42. 

As they spoke they were leaving the little street and emerging on
the wooded landscape by the river.
'You think well of her, Mr Rokesmith?' pursued Bella, conscious
of making all the advances.
'I think highly of her.'
'I am so glad of that! Something quite refined in her beauty, is
there not?'
'Her appearance is very striking.'
'There is a shade of sadness upon her that is quite touching. At
least I--I am not setting up my own poor opinion, you know, Mr
Rokesmith,' said Bella, excusing and explaining herself in a pretty
shy way; 'I am consulting you.'
'I noticed that sadness. I hope it may not,' said the Secretary in a
lower voice, 'be the result of the false accusation which has been

Maybe I can dedicate this post to those of you how have a "shade of sadness" upon you for whatever reason.

 I found this Lily of the Valley teacup and non-matching saucer at Goodwill for a total of $2.50. The saucer and cup are made by different companies but they go together quite well, as each has the Lily of the Valley on it. 
I need to find some Lily of the Valley print fabric to go with. In the meantime I think the cup and saucer go quite well with the moody weather!
The art on the saucer is more precise and of higher quality in my opinion than the art on the cup. The picture on the cup is actually a little blurry, as if the waterslide decal wasn't printed properly or was sliding around too much when it went into the kiln. 

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