Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Sewing Report: Plaid Fabric Siting

Hello Ladies,

Our view today is quite cloudy but Mr. S., ever the optimist (in a dry way) tells me it is "clear" indoors.

These are two of my window pictures, but I don't think they will make it to Pinterest.

Today I turned up the heat and stayed inside as much as I could.  On days like this I long to browse in a fabric shop and dream of future coats or uncharted sewing worlds.

Yesterday was another hospital office visit to the surgeon to check on the progress of Mr. S.'s foot wound.  He took a picture of me as we walked across a causeway, with the snow capped mountain in the distance, and of course, to get yet another glossy of my pink fleece coat.

Because of the snow, Mr. S. wanted me to model some of my fleece coats.
I didn't want to let him outside in the cold yet, so he had to click the pictures from the window. 
This is the raspberry coat with the hood up.

 Green coat from a few weeks ago.

Pink coat from a few years ago. It was the most difficult, most expensive, and heaviest fabric, which is why I am only using the thin fleece. Although fleece is light weight, when you add a lot of seams and pieces, it gets heavy. That is why I haven't lined any of these so far, although I still hope to line the green coat and finish the matching purse. 

Of the three coats, the green one is the most comfortable and I haven't finished it yet. I wanted to put a border on the hem to give it more weight in the wind. 

In the winter, Kate, of  Btitish royalty, wore this colorful plaid coat. I really like the hat.

On the way home from the surgeon check up, we stopped at HL* which is in the same vicinity as the hospital, and I happened upon this plaid fleece fabric:

It certainly looks the same as the coat, so I was quite interested in it. However it is one of those "furry" fabrics that gets all over the place when you cut it, and clogs up the machine, but I'm still looking at it whenever we are in the city.

Here are some scenes from the fleece fabrics of HL

I love the colors of "minky" fabric, above, but it is not as stable as regular fleece and it tends to sag and stretch if used as a garment. Instead I go for the thin version of polar fleece, pictured below, for quick coats. I am looking for the colors mint, pale yellow, light lilac-mauve, and pale apricot, which I did not find here.  I like some of the prints here on the lower shelves. The black and white check looks interesting.

The wound update is this:  The surgeon took Mr. S. off the bandages and special socks and declared it healed.  However,  I am still padding the area and wrapping it and making him wear his special sock.  We go to the Wound Care division on Thursday and will see what they have to say. They use powerful lights and magnifiers to  check out wounds and know what is what. It appears to be completely healed but somehow having a bandage on it still, is a comfort, if you know what I mean. I feel it still needs some padding on it in case he drops a book, a spoon, a cup, and all the things we usually drop around here. We don't have a problem with it, but in any home, it is wise to have the feet protected a little more if you have had an injury.

Let me know what you think of this cute plaid coat and the fabric. I know plaid doesn't look good on most women, but this coat seems quite nice, especially with that warm looking hat.

*Hobby Lobby

This year we aren't economizing on heat. It is good for the windows and walls, bedding, fabric stash and all the corners of a house to keep it warm and dry, and for those who are inactive and need a bit more warmth. 


Julie said...

They have hats like that on Amazon, in various colors. I bought one in faux fox. So soft and warm.

Adelaide said...

I used to have a hat like that. Yes, it was very warm. It makes me smile to see it on Duchess Catherine. Her plaid coat is very smart looking. I really like the way the british royals dress, too. So glad that you are staying warm indoors. We are expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow and colder weather today. It is such a blessing to be warm and snug when it is cold and snowy outside. Your coats are beautiful and make me smile!

Ladyambersparrow said...

Such beautiful coats and cheerful colors. I live near New York City where all the women wear black!! So depressing!

Lydia said...

They don't wear much color in winter here, either but I'm going to change that by wearing my coats. Already someone who works in the grocery store asked me how she could get one. If these coats were sold "on the rack" the women would wear them. They wear what is available and what is in style, not necessarily what they like. The stores hold them hostage to the black. I do notice on the winter Hallmark movies, which are filmed often in Canada, the women wear wool coats of powder blue, blush pink, red, and other colors. So maybe this is changing. Chadwicks catalog, also online, has coats like that.

Unknown said...

I love the coats. You have inspired me to sew with fleece. Just curious, in several pictures of different rooms in your home I see what I think are elect ric heaters which mimic wood burning stoves/fireplaces. I use one of these as supplemental heat source in my living room and love it. Am I correct and if so how do you like yours? I would like to install a wood pellet stove by next winter but fund are tight.

Unknown said...

Lydia I just love your beautiful winter coats. I am glad your husband is feeling better. God bless you both ♥️