Monday, February 25, 2019

How Do You Like This Sweet Cake?

We like to  do something creative every day, and if we can't think of anything, we just clean something in a creative way, as long as it isn't too crazy.

As the snow melted it became quite packable so I was in a hurry to think of what to do with it besides the traditional snowman. It always amuses me to see the things people make out of snow these days. I've seen Victorian men and women snow statues, giant cupcakes, gardens with arches, houses and everything else.

This was all I could think of today. A snowman is too time consuming but a cake was quick and easy and I loved cutting it with my old Cutco cake spatula.

Also, I could stay on the front porch and not have to bundle up in waterproof boots and such.

It is not looking like it will be gone any time soon.

What creative things have you done with packable snow?


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

When I was a child and lived in Wisconsin, we managed to push the snow between our garage and the house next door, climbed it and went on the roof... where we shoveled more snow off onto the pile (it was a flat roof). Caught grief from the parents, but my goodness, you could see a long way from up there.

Feminine Belle said...

I shall take a sliver of that cake, please.

Cut a piece, decorate it, and place it on a plate? Perhaps for tomorrow's serving?

Jaclyn Juliette said...

Hi Lydia!

My goodness, I haven't checked in on your wonderful blog almost all month! That is not like me. I'm going to get caught up right now.

My children would LOVE it if we had snow like that! Here in the middle of Manhattan, we play on our building's roof deck when it snows a lot. (in the summer, the roof deck is landscaped with plants, flowers and patio furniture) We can also go sledding in Central Park too. My favorite snow memory is visiting friends in rural Pennsylvania during a snow storm and the next day their farm was COVERED, just like in your photos. 16 inches, if I recall. We had so much fun sledding through the snow-covered fields that day.

OK, I'm going to get caught up on your earlier February posts now. I just wanted to say hello!

- Jackie from NYC.

Julie said...

This would probably be frowned on now, but in the 70's, we kids would make vanilla snow "ice cream". We would add vanilla and sugar to a bowl of snow and enjoy a treat! (Somehow we all survived!) That reminds me of things like riding on long trips in the back of Dad's pickup truck, and not wearing helmets, knee and elbow pads when riding bikes. We also have enjoyed sledding in a relative's steep, hilly backyard in Colorado. It was so refreshing and invigorating, and we felt so alive and free playing outdoors like that.
My father once spoke about an overnight snow storm while he was living in Buffalo, New York. In the morning when he opened the front door to go to work, there was a solid wall of snow completely covering the door. (A snow drift had formed against the door.)