Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday is the Busiest Day!

No matter how you plan it or slice it, Sunday is not much of a "day of rest" as people insist it should be, especially for a country preacher's wife!

I have been up while it is still dark, and unlocked the meeting house, turned on the heat, unlocked the side doors and handicapped areas,  placed the communion trays on the communion table, and laid out a few things for the church dinner:  the punch cups, the serving utensils, napkins, plates, etc. The casserole is in the oven and the salad has been made. The coffeemaker is full of water, and just as I was writing this, it hit me that I didn't put the ground coffee in the filter.  No, it is nothing to do with old age!  My children have the same problem!  I have yet to change from my work clothes into church clothes and brush my hair. Mr. S. Is in his home office doing some last minute prep, and after I get myself together I will make a hot breakfast.

When he and his brother were young, his mother made Sunday morning easier for herself by preparing only hot cereal. All other days they had a typical old fashioned cooked farm workers breakfast which was an effort to prepare.  One day his brother said, "Is tomorrow Sunday? Because, if it is, I don't want any of that church cereal!"

We usually spend two hours after the dinner visiting and singing. There is also a church business meeting, and then the time it takes to clean up the kitchen and dining area.  After that, some folks stay back and talk, and talk and talk about everything on their minds, and I personally think they are waiting for Mr. S.'s one-liners* to make them feel better. I notice he often quotes the exact verse and the "a" or "b" parts of a scripture, to prove a discussion. We do not get home for some time.
By the time that is completed, the day is almost over!

If there is any energy left in me, I hope to add some cuffs to my rose colored coat.  Sewing is a recreation for me!

It will look like this:

We have to go out to get something at a whole-foods store that has some old remedies (iodine, hydrogen peroxide, etc) and Mr. S. wanted to get something, so it looks like it is curtains for the sewing project this evening. Whew!  I understand why Monday is the standard day off for all preachers and their wives! As soon as I'm finished here I will go set up the coffeemaker  (with the actual coffee) over there and put the timer on. 

Next week if I can get some "hot spots" in order around here, I am going to treat myself to a visit to this Victorian house, in Drain, Oregon. What a name, eh? Look it up and see what is there for tourists.

I thought about taking a picture I have in a tourist brochure, to the fabric store to match fabrics for an outfit to go with, but the colors show up so differently in pictures, as you see below:

Unlike our modern tract homes, no two Victorian houses were exactly alike, so it is easy to identify them. Many of them today have been named. 

These are the colors displayed in the brochure. 

Mr. S. says he is ready for another country drive, and this will be a nice road trip that will only take a day and get us home in time for supper. 

Those of you who own vintage cars ought to take a trip to see the Victorian houses in the area.
Mr. S. got this free magazine, which had the map and pictures of the houses, from our local Dairy Queen. This is an old issue, so there must be a more updated one around for free in some of the local shops.

*Mr. S. takes advantage of the notice people make of his special velcro shoe for his recovering foot, to tell that ooooooolllllllddddd joke about judging others. You know the joke, I'm sure. Before you judge a fellow, walk a mile in his shoes. Then you will be a mile away from him and you will have his shoes.


lynn maust said...

That joke is cute and very funny. I am amazed at the color difference between the photos of the house....totally not the same. I wonder what you will find when you get there? I sure wish I could take that trip with you both...I'd LOVE to see that house..and how fun it would be to go there with you, discussing it all while we tour it.

Lydia said...

Jan, you and Mr. w. should go on a road trip to Drain in one of his vintage cars. Maybe you could use the one that most nearly matches the house in color. I'm not sure when we will go, but Jan, we ought to go while we can. We never know when we will be busy or called on to help someone so we need to make a dash for it.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Oh my goodness, I want to go with you to see the house! There was one similar in Muscatine, Iowa (where my mom's family is from). I used to dream about it as a kid when we would go back to visit, and we always had to take a drive to see it before we left.

The joke is funny. I told my husband (he had heard it before, but still liked it).

Enjoy your day off. I hope the coffee turned out ;-) I have done that too, but never remembered the coffee until it was done and there was only water in the pot. Oh the joys of aging and things that we can laugh and share about.

Hugs to you and wishing you God's peace,