Sunday, February 24, 2019

Black History Month

Ladies, I let the month of February slip past me without acknowledging Black History Month. For some reason I thought it was celebrated in March.

Anyway, I love the paintings of people showing their deep reverence for Christ and His sacrifice for us, and I found a few on Pinterest. However,  there were no names or artists with them, so I can't say who painted them.

I have been noticing a lot of young African American people with youtube videos on living life in a positive way and they have really encouraged me this week. Some of them went to the White House for a Young Black Leadership Summit recently, and spoke very enthusiastically of it on their videos

You can see how thrilled and excited some of the very young were over being guests at the White House. It was a dream of a lifetime for many of them. 

 I noticed they said there was no alcohol served there , but sparkling water and apple cider, etc. I think that is so wise. It isn't good for young people to drink as they need to have good judgment and clarity. I was impressed.

Of course it is always good to see leadership in politics and business, but the greatest contribution any people can make to any nation or the world is their personal dedication to Christ and His Word, and the spreading of the gospel.  That is what makes a people truly  great  and that is what makes a nation good.  

Yet, that would not be possible if the nation were not being kept free by the vigilant effort for free speech and expression of religion. Without that, it would be very hard to teach and preach, wouldn't it!  God bless these people, who have contributed so much to our churches and businesses and our military too. 


Hartslove said...

Thank you, Lady Lydia! I visit here regularly and am happy for your fellowship. Alexine

Lydia said...

TThanks for the comment. I hope to get a few more on this important subject.

Polly said...

I love this post! I also like those paintings.

One thing I love about many of the black women I meet is that they simply dress so much nicer than most white women, at least in my area. They still dress up beautifully for church and tend to wear gorgeous colors. I find it really inspiring and motivating for me personally to remember to dress well. That may be a "shallow" observation, but I stand by it. :)

Julie said...

This is a lovely post, and it reminded me of a wonderful and warm African American lady named Toni on youtube with a channel called, "Your House a Home tv" that you might enjoy. She is so talented, and shows you how to create all kinds of home crafts, as well as how to beautifully decorate your rooms with Goodwill and Dollar Tree finds. She also does gorgeous tablescapes, and recipes. I absolutely love her, so here is a link, just in case you might enjoy her too.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Thank you for the tribute during Black history month!

Lydia said...

I like that it was observed in such a positive and future-success way at the White House for the Young Black Business People, who gathered for conferences and sharing that day.

I'm always interested in the energy and upbeat way the young ones approach life, and I liked the smiles and the happiness they exuded. Many of these people were from you tube, where they had created businesses.

Thank you for the link, which I'd like to add to this post or the sidebar.

Julie said...

You are welcome!