Sunday, February 03, 2019

Sewing Report: Fleece Coat in Raspberry Color 2

Hello Dear Ladies,

I am always so much happier and friendlier when I have worked my own jobs and done a little extra. So, today despite the torrents of rain and black skies, I am much cheered up by the near-completion of this raspberry color fleece coat.

It just lacks the hems on sleeves and on the hem area, going around the lapel.  I might wear it today anyway, if I don't have time to fix it.  With fleece, it isn't really noticeable if you don't get hems and buttons done.

This is the pattern I used, and look at those nice buttons--only $1.50 at Walmart.

But I have to tell you something about the pattern, and many new patterns I have used: I do not understand the instruction sheet as well as I do in the older patterns from the 1980's-2000.

I attempted to sew the side pocket version of this pattern that fit inside the seam.

Tried as I did, sewing, un-picking stitches, I could not get the pocket to work. I even cut out a new pocket and tried again.  I just couldn't "get it" according to these instructions.  They just were not clear enough and I could have used some extra steps. After all the attaching and un-picking and re-cutting and reassembling, I gave up and left out the pockets. I may try again, my own way.

 I hope to trick myself into sewing pockets in future coats by cutting them out extended on the pattern piece and that way they don't have to be attached separately. 

I like this coat better than the green one. The pattern did not require lining, and the collar was not cut out separately--it is just rolled over from the fabric; and lays perfectly.
I thought the hood was a pain and will be looking around for a coat this simple to make with only the shawl collar, which I really like.


While I have sewn men's sportscoats,  formal dresses outdoor awnings, curtains, furniture covers and many more difficult things, I am much more appreciative of simple and easy to make patterns that get me a garment quickly.

I loved the sleeves. I don't want to go back to sewing  set-in or gathered sleeves..

Although the pattern  did not require lining,  I  bought some, thinking I might eventually insert it. Lining makes fleece easier to slip on.

For now, I think the lining works well as a backdrop for this old tea cup.

In other news, I was looking for some sheets to make Mr. S. more comfortable. Cotton 
Flannel sheets are not always the easiest thing to sleep in because they tend to cling.

Years ago, bamboo sheets were only sold in specialty stores, at prices way over $100, and I was so tickled to get these for $20 in one of our local stores.  The fabric is very soft, and easy to move around in, yet also very warm and quite tough.

You may remember I bought some bamboo/cotton fabric and made a nightgown for a nursing mother. She said it was very silk-like and comfortable.  

I discovered there are other unusual fabrics being made these days--even wheat!
Of course I'm always interested in textiles.

I had another interesting arrival from an ebay purchase: Issue 62 of Molly Makes magazine from 
March 2016.

I saw it years ago while browsing in a bookstore, and passed it up, but I kept thinking about the little cottage purse playhouse made of felt, and went looking for it online.

I was thinking how this could be adapted to your own style of house--cabin, seaside, Victorian, etc.

The pattern was included and I am already thinking what a nice quiet toy this would be. 

In the dark at 6:00 a.m. I walked the little pathway through the rain (wearing my new coat and matching umbrella) to the meeting house where I unlocked, deposited the church bulletin that Mr. S. printed the day before, turned on the heat and lights and unlocked the side door for the handicap area, and then hurried back to my warm house.  Before church, we always have a really nice breakfast, because I wouldn't want Mr. S.'s voice to weaken while he is talking about any subject of "great doctrinal import."  (I am sure you know the source of the quote).Some of you will recognize that saying from literature.

I left the housekeeping list for another day, while I sewed this coat.  The utility room which is a combination of laundry room and storage room is really a disaster.  The harsh weather is upon us and I want to wear the coat while the wind is up and the temperature is down, instead of having the coat unfinished until next year, which is sometimes the case with me. Who minds unfinished housework or hoarder-looking rooms when there is a new coat to be sewn. For that matter, who minds anything. 
Did I mention it is raining?  

 This is rain fashion.

As you can see, the bleakness here is brightened by the coat.

The true color of the fabric is quite muted and not this florescent color the camera has picked up. It isn't as bright or light as you see here.

Coat Cost:
4 and 1/2 yards thin polar fleece @ $3.80 per yard:  approx. $16
1 spool rose thread $3.00
Buttons package of 6: $2
Total $21

This is a synthetic fabric, and therefore, I didn't use the iron on it; not even a cool iron, because it will melt the fibres.  Also, it is cold wash and cool dry or dry on a hanger in a warm place. A dryer will cause acrylics to bead up.

As for the kind of needle to use, I used a regular needle recommended for woven fabrics. The ball point machine needles recommended for nylon, stretch fabrics and acrylics did not give good results. The regular needle had no problems.

This is the one fabric I use that is not a woven or knit fabric from nature. Fleece is really good for a barrier against the wind and cold. 


Hestia said...

It will really look nice in the early spring, when things start blooming again

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

That is bright and very pretty. It's grey and windy, with rain showers dropping.
I get a short respite from the men in the house. They are headed east for a few days. Peace.
I got a weighted blanket and it's so nice.


Lydia said...

I have seen those gravity blankets on Pinterest, supposed to give warmth and comfort after illness, as well as calmness. They must be like the heavy quilts of former days

Unknown said...

I don't think I could have dealt with that type of collar....looks awfully tricky to me! The color looks really cheery in the dullness of winter!

Christine said...

Well done! Pockets or not!
I love the cottage purse idea. Great gift idea.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Good morning! I just got on the internet to check my email, I was waiting for an email from a friend back east. But when I saw your post come in my email...I just took a breath of excitement to check and see how it's going. Oh it is so beautiful. If you are open to it, I would pay you to make me one. It will be cold here in So. Colorado until at least May. I have had the same winter coat for 7 years, It's black. I usually make a new flower out of felt each year to brighten it, but boy would a raspberry colored coat be amazing!

Thanks for sharing. And may God bless you for being there to help your husband, getting up to go open the church at 6 am. Are you dressed for the day at 6 am??

Hugs to you & wishing you God's peace,

Unknown said...

Wow, raspberry is sure a great color for you, stunning Lydia! Good job on the coat too.
Janet Westrup